• rebz

    #27 I dont know why…..but thats extremely adorable.

  • googleberry
  • googleberry
  • googleberry

    #32 The Ex Knife Holder. $92.99 on amazon. I didn't check for lowest price.


    • BeeCee
      • googleberry

        Thank you, BeeCee! 😀

    • doerteee

      I will own that someday. If it's still available when I move in with the boyfriend next year.

  • Jill

    #34 Now I want to rewatch all of the IT Crowd!

    • phedre

      ME TOO! I heart Moss.

  • googleberry

    #35 Alex Pettyfer. I didn't recognize him sideways…😀

    • Littlet

      I thought that was Ben Affleck….

  • Jillian

    #40? Yes PLEASE! I have a big birthday coming up, & wouldn't mind him for my present!😀

  • googleberry

    #39 El Centro, Isla Mujeres, Mexico. (Mexican Caribbean).


  • googleberry
    • erin

      Googleberry, are you jjj in a new name and picture? Or are you just another awesome Googler making our lives easier? I must know.
      Either way, THANK YOU!!❤

      • googleberry

        Yes! I was bored one night so I changed my name to googleberry since it was so cute😀 Sorry I wasn't clear about that for you and all the Berries!

        I am SO glad to hear that I am making your lives easier, too!

        • ReeBee

          You rock!

          • googleberry

            Thanks! So do you!!!! 😀

        • Andy

          Good to know your still alive. I thought maybe you killed jjj and took her place!

          • googleberry

            That's funny…

  • dkellyb

    #11 definitely! How in the world did you manage to do that so well?

    • Anna

      with a toothpick and a best friend! lol

  • Laa

    #7 Couldn't look away!

  • Belle90

    #32 Have it in red too and love it!

  • bamboo

    #11 you literally "nailed" it

  • BrittMM

    ❤ Cutie!!!

  • BrittMM

    ❤ cutie!!!

  • mari

    #16 LOL!!!! green tea did.

  • googleberry

    #1 is Finca Bellavista in Costa Rica. Very interesting. Their site here.


    The article where # 1 is shown is here.

  • jesca84

    #33 especially true when your in a Facebook group with 1200 other women/moms. But loving every minute of it. They've been wonderful and helpful.

  • dreagee

    #10 i will dress my kid as jack sparrow for halloween❤ #15 i see jake!! #16 definitely the tea, always go with the tea😀

  • pippy

    #16 ahaha sorry rihanna…..the tea just looks so sweet in it

  • Kate S.

    #16 …. THE TEA!!!!!!

  • trucka

    googleberry, i don't know who you are but i love you for all that you do.

    • Sarah

      It has to be jjj! Maybe. The strawberry is the same, AND jjj wasn't ever signed in, just anonymous. I don't think, anyway. googleberry is signed in, so…

      • trucka

        i want to know the super search secrets…

      • googleberry

        Sarah, if I haven't let you know so far (I get so confused) I'm jjj/googleberry.😀

    • googleberry

      Hi trucka! I was jjj and now am googleberry! Thank you! Love you Berries!

  • Cacee

    #40, #19. Wow!!!! I'm in love!!!!!

  • LAskygurl1997


  • Soda Pop

    #16, #26, and #28……this is why I troll the Berry……fucking hilarious.

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