• Fin

    #12 I always think chewing gum of any sort, makes your stomach think it's getting real food and when it doesn't it rumbles even harder. In other words, gum will make you even hungrier. Anyone else?

    Otherwise yay for the daily M!

    • Bit312

      I'm pretty sure I've had that same effect with gum. But I've definitely drank tea and that does help! I've also tried drinking water and going to sleep and that does work too. I just wake up really hungry.:)

    • Wisti

      I wasn't smart enough for this one…it starts out by saying DO get distracted by tumblr (3) and then it says don't (9)… I guess i just missed the entire point?

    • socalmarti

      Fennel tea works really well!

    • doerteee

      Yep. Also, when I'm a little hungry and I drink water, my stomach basically screams in protest lol it doesn't help at all. It's mostly a problem when I get hungry in class and I can't eat for another hour.

    • someoneyoudontknow

      When you're hungry you should eat!! These are just remedies for cravings when you're bored or just want something sweet or salty. If your stomach is rumbling, go eat something! I eat 2 eggs all the time because it fills you up but you don't feel like you've over-eaten!

  • Bit312

    Thanks Berry! This is EXACTLY what I needed to tackle my day.

  • DND

    Heyyyyyyyy #16

  • Bubba

    #8 What problem?

  • emm

    #16 I love how these posts are usually concluded with a sexy shirtless man! haha

  • Dollface

    so I weighed myself today and Im 10 lbs less than I was before I got pregnant!! my son Is almost 3 months! thank you for tge motIvatIon on the days I was too tIred!!

  • Asolare

    #12 Yes coffee is a fantastic idea late at night – d'oh

    Assuming that de-caff is implied!

  • Sarah

    Does anyone do barefoot running? I bought some Nike Frees mainly for walking, but apparently they're great for barefoot running, but I'm a bit nervous about it. I run on concrete and asphalt and don't want to do any damage. I hear you're supposed to run on the balls instead of the heels of your feet..

  • skyfireCO

    #16.. just wow!

  • DRD

    #6 Myth 2: You can do all of that with cardio & weights.

  • Jade


    This sounds like it came from a pro-ana blog Berry…….. tsk tsk

    I should know as I am a recovered ED survivor…

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