• ChrisDG74

    I think my cholesterol went up 50 points just looking at these.
    That being said, I want them all.

  • KaraAngela

    I am such a dirty flirty whore for all things fried..dammit..

  • Littlet

    why are all my favorite foods fried…….damn they look good

  • SugarSkull

    So glad im eating fried chicken right now Ahhh so good. Ill regret it later at the gym😦

  • longcoolwoman

    #22 what are you?!

    • Charlotte

      They look a bit like sweetcorn fritters:)

    • jjj

      nothing on the internets to identify them. 😦

  • J.J

    #9 – Beef curtains and cum. Eww…

    • binx

      i am sooo glad i wasnt the only one who thought of that

  • tami

    aww shit, time to look at some daily motivation now thnxs berry😉

  • Candy

    Daily motivation negated.

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