• Steff

    #30 – I know this guy from highschool and I've seen that picture of him on facebook before. I literally wtf'd out loud when I saw this picture on the Berry…

  • KAT

    #8 You can do it girl!
    #13 Stay positive & beat this! My prayers for you.
    #30 Hot! Especially on him
    #39 He's sculpted like a God!

  • Alex

    #8 & #13 you ladies are an inspiration!❤

    …and on a side note #12 = Woooooooooooaaah!😀❤

  • lani_berry

    #8 Get it, girl!! #13 Much love to you! #30 My husband has his septum pierced so, I'm all for it. I myself used to have a stud but, I had to take it out for work.😦

  • D.J.

    #18 Yes, you have to push it a couple times then some air dryers you have to touch and to top it off they put a pull handle to get out of the bathrooms. This pisses me off. I'm very conscious about the environment but I like to use a paper towel to turn all knobs and pull handles. Let me have this attempt at keeping the germs away.

    • D.J.

      #27 Wrong picture for the hand wash this is it. #18 I wanted to say tell this to the current Republican party. I have no idea why they want to take us back in time instead of progressing.

  • makare

    #39, good Lord, is he real? Gheez, mouthwatering body and kind eyes. ❤

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