• Kait

    Yay! Chevron is my favorite!!

  • ale

    Didn´t know it´s called chevron… #16 very nice

  • Corvin

    Loved #20 until I saw the price. Only $300, no big deal.

  • doerteee

    #14 is the only one I like =( That pattern just makes my eyes hurt for some reason.

  • Nickey J

    <img src="http://www.goldstoressite.com/shop/listz/fx.jpg"&gt; #2 not sure about this, is this supposed to mean something?<img src="http://www.goldstoressite.com/shop/listz/xn.jpg"&gt;

  • phedre

    #18! MUST MAKE THIS NOW! #14 is also awesome, but I would never have the patience for taping the wall to make the lines. No way, no how.

    • phedre

      eff it… #18, where is it from?! I MUST BUY IT!

      • phedre

        I know I'm a spaz, because I am responding to my reply to my own message… but if anyone wants to know, they can be purchased here: http://www.etsy.com/search?q=chevron+with+bow&amp

        • lulu*

          You can just make it, really easy – and cheep! Just paint a canvas white, tape the lines paint the second colour then attach the bow with glue or poke a small hole in the canvas and feed extra fabric through.

        • googleberry

          You're not a spaz, phedre! Thanks for looking it up! jjj/googleberry😀

  • Krissy

    Charlie Brown; the original chevron.

  • Jessica

    / Hi Mark, Excellent read by the way and well written, did you copy it from sewomhere ?? joking. !! I have tried the FB page but doesnt exist for me, I will however create a VPN to the US of A (i’ll get an IP of the states that way) and see what happens then. Well done.Mike

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