#12 Must have been a tough sell.

    • wendy wendy's

      Depends if it is 2 P's and 1 V, or 1 P and 2 V's. From the pic it looks like 2 V's. Win!!!!

      • drea619

        you wrote exactly what i was thinking lol

        • Anony

          2 P's and I V isn't a threesome. It is a gang-bang.

          • Sally3some

            2 P's, its for her..
            2 V's its for him…and her…
            Win, win!!


    #3 the last time I was able to talk to one of my grandmothers was almost 15 years ago. The last one died when I was 12 and she had dementia for 2 years. Fuck this person.

    • dkellyb

      Depends on the grandmother. I lost one, which really sucks because she was awesome. But the one I have left… Let's just say I'd do the same as this person, if she would actually bother calling.

    • Beena

      You never know what's going on in people's lives, don't judge people so quickly Jesse.

      • Anony

        2Ps isn't a threesome. it's a gang-bang

    • Lys

      It definitely depends on the grandmother that you have….my grandmother is the meanest, rudest person I have ever known…so much so that I don't even consider her my grandmother…she has said and done deplorable things to her family and for that reason I would 100% hang up on her if she ever decided to call me, which she wouldn't because she has told me since I was about 7 years old how much she doesn't like me for no reason other than the simple fact that I remind her of my mother (her own daughter) that she hates because she never wanted a daughter…so don't be so quick to judge, not everybody is blessed with a loving, nurturing grandmother

    • hazel

      I do this to my grandma, but just playing around, she always gets confused, and she hangs up and then she calls back

    • surleymermaid

      I used to do stuff like this with my grandmom and it was all in fun. I sounded like my mom when I'd answer the phone, so I'd pretend I was her when my grandmom would call. My grandmom would laugh and say I was a little shit when she realized it was me. She died 12 years ago and there are times when I really miss being able to laugh with her like that. Perhaps this person is also joking and his/her grandmother finds it funny, too.

  • doerteee

    #11 Why can't you just be honest about it? =/ There's nothing wrong with hanging out with your parents, at any age.


    #5 That's craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!

    • drea619

      i know!!! come clean!! at least to your husband he deserves to know

      • expressthejess

        This breaks my heart!! Come clean. It will be the healthiest decision for you.

    • CourtneyElise

      It might make HER feel better.. but what about the son or her mother? I think "coming clean" would be a terrible decision. Whatever her reason for her decision to allow her son to be raised by her mother as her brother, there is no reason for her to say anything. It will not help anyone or change anything, it would simply tear a family apart.

      • CourtneyElise

        Also, its not just HER burden to hold.

      • Kase

        She should at least tell her husband. There shouldn't be secrets like that in a marriage.

        • joepanto

          that would be the end of the marriage. u dope.

    • Ashley

      This really bothered me. What an awful, disturbing burden to carry. TELL THEM!

    • DRD

      No, it isn't. It's much more common than you might guess, and IMO, not that big of a deal because you are still family related by blood.

      • Theresia

        Very heartbreaking. Can't imagine the struggle you deal with every day. God bless ya!

        • Akbaby

          I agree. Only God can judge. Not us.

  • Littlet

    These are my favorite posts. I cannot wait till Friday to read them!

    • Alisha

      There's an actual Post Secret site that gets updated every Sunday. Check it out!

  • Jables

    #2 sorry but I can't stand my stretch marks mostly because i grew up ashamed of my body and because lets face it they are quite deep and bright red at times… oh and someone once asked if I had poop on my leg, no help to there being a mole nearby as well… 😀

    • joepanto

      get some Charmin. just sayin'

  • Mariah

    #12 Sorry but, yuck.

    • Akbaby

      I couldn't. I don't share well. Lol

  • tomatoGuy

    #5 Keep that secret till the grave… otherwise you'll eff him up. Jack Nicholson… same issue.

    • nessipoo

      … as well as Ted Bundy ….

  • Jackie

    Dont do it… It will destroy ur relationship. The heartbreak lasts longer than the 3-way will😦

  • justme

    #5 maybe tell your husband first. if he truly loves and supports you, he will understand even though it might be hard at first. then maybe your husband can help you decide if/when/how to tell your son.

  • Aurora01

    #12 Threesomes ruin relationships. Enjoy your divorce.

    • Anon

      Not true! I've had a 3some with my wife and we are perfectly fine in our marriage!

  • justlilolme

    #5 I have heard this story one too many times. This isn't THAT unusual unfortunately. But I don't see the big deal. Each case is individual on whether it's healthiest to come clean to EVERYONE. tough one

  • Andrea_9

    #5 don't tell him.. That's too much.

  • JennyChive

    #5 , family is family. Just because the titles got a bit tweaked, don't feel guilty. Nothing in life is black and white. The gray parts give your life some texture. You obviously have lots of love for your son and hubby. Whenever (if) you tell them, just let them be curious and ask questions.:) tell your son you got to love him twice as much, as a sister/friend and secret mother. Goodluck to you darling, if you ever read this.

  • laura

    #5, I feel your pain. I am a birthmother, and it is such a struggle, even though my son will know who I really am to him. I can't imagine the pain and grief you are going through. Good luck, I know you will do the right thing. You are a strong woman.

  • redheadchivette

    #3 That's awful and I hope you feel terrible for doing that.
    #11 Don't be ashamed! It's good to know that people care more about their parents than friends bc your parents will always be there for you regardless.

  • Theresia

    #3 Hope this is as funny when she isn't around any more. I wish I could talk to my grandma one more time.. Cut the stupid shit out and love her the way she deserves and cherish your time with her!

  • Jess

    I love post secret as much as the other guy, but I'm certain that the point of it was not to have perfect strangers judge them for their decisions. The purpose is to let people get things off their chest, to let others know their not alone. We don't know the history behind any of these stories.

    To each their own right?

    • Akbaby


  • cindy

    @ # 1. how weird, I’m Native American Indian and I used to run down the stairs because I imagined white people were chasing me and wanted to hurt me.

  • Megan_

    #3 Grandparents are just elderly, not stupid. Guaranteed she knows what you're doing. I absolutely hate talking on the phone but I do becasue I know my grandmother enjoys it. You should feel terrible.

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  • hottimasprime

    #4 Oh it does!

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