• HeartUnderTheRose

    #7 I will always be a Jared/Sam girl. ^_^

  • thaomeow

    #37 made me laugh harder than I should have.

    • Sammie

      i crack up every time i see it. lol

  • dreagee

    #31this guy looks like hes trying hard not to laugh

  • Jessica

    #38 Depending on the week, sometimes reality is way better than expectations.:)

  • WisGal_KCCO

    #37 totally got me. hahahahaha

  • zillyzallie

    Oh hai!

  • Liz_O

    #34 No Bella, you fall down a lot when you everything.

    • rebz

      Katniss' fall was epic compared to her wimpy little trips. Lol

    • ale

      Bella was tripping like a 60% of the books.

  • Metallnot

    #37 is the best<img src="http://tinyurl.com/c7gx5zk&quot; width="1" height="1" />


    #2 But I only have one mouth…

  • Araceli

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  • ale

    #30 OMG… drooling

  • Ethnocentric Much?


    Wow, I'm offended for Moldovians. I think they can do just fine without you in their country dear.

    • Ignorant much?

      First of all the term is Moldovan not Moldovians, you obviously know little about the country…. and it is a poor country, with out osha, broken down everything, old Soviet block housing, orphaned and abandoned children, stray cats and dogs by the thousands, the ground is littered with trash everywhere and indoor plumbing is a luxury. Until you've been there, don't judge my perception and many others including people I met there. The people are beautiful, the environment not so much dear.

      • Ashka256

        Yes, you can say Moldovians:-) And most of us don't see our country that way.

      • Dearest

        We have those same conditions in various parts of the USA. Maybe you should check out your own backyard before you turn your nose up at a "poor" former Soviet country.

        • Lisa

          I'm calling BS on that one. Have you ever been outside the US and seen living conditions in poor countries? We are not talking leaky roofs and seedy areas- there is real poverty above and beyond what you'll see even in Detroit or N.O. Most poor countries, people don't drive to food banks in their cars or have an obesity problem with the "hungry". Have you ever been to third world countries? I would guess not. Educate yourself in reality before you trash the US and show your limited knowledge from your luxurious perch.

          • Educated?

            Oh, how the ignorance abounds.

            • Apex

              Don't forget the irony in all of Ms. Lisa's responses.


          • Delta

            Lisa, I actually taught in Romania for a year and I've traveled extensively. So I know a little bit more than your little visit to a winery may have "taught" you.

            You have no idea of the extent of poverty in the United States. Stop trying to debate with others about it until you do.

            "We are not talking leaky roofs and seedy areas- there is real poverty above and beyond what you'll see even in Detroit or N.O. Most poor countries, people don't drive to food banks in their cars or have an obesity problem with the 'hungry'."

            You have shown the extent of your stupidity and ignorance. You seem like a truly vile person who would only do anything good for the approval and admiration of your peers. Keep on preaching nonsense, though. That's what ignorant, self-righteous people do.

  • googleberry
  • googleberry

    #30 Chris Hemsworth. More pics here.


  • googleberry

    #27 Keep Calm I Love You chocolate bar. Similar here.


    • Emma

      You are the awesome Berry superhero!

  • jesca84

    #7 So silly… but gotta show the love to Jared.

  • Mel

    This is my favourite berry break of all time. So many laughs. I❤ theberry!

  • Olivia

    #11 Like you couldn't have said anything else about Moldova? Oh its just a poor rotten landlocked former Soviet country but thank God THEY HAVE WINE! Sheeesh. A little disappointed to see that on here. Then again, I guess our lovely Berry girls aren't really known for representing diversity, are they? #byfitspoyoumeanthinspo

    • Ashka256

      Right! Thank you:) Yes there are problems. Every country has them. However, there is more than just "dirt and decay" in my home country!

      • Lisa

        You have many wonderful attributes in your country, not the least are some of the most remarkable, generous people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

  • Soup

    #19 Not an engineer, architect. Genius.

  • Laura Guthrie

    Dear Karma,

    Don't complain about having to write one essay. Your teacher has to grade 140 of them.


    • Lisa

      But…it's her job!

  • http://www.julieannryanphotography.com Julie Ryan

    #23 is beautiful!

  • Ashley

    Is #36 in Wyoming?? Or maybe Utah?

    • Alex

      Monument Valley, Arizona:) I visited last month! It was incredible!

  • Sophia

    #25 Thanks for posting!:) Love the berry!

  • Ije

    @ #7. I'm not a very good lip reader but it looks like he's saying, "It's just my hair baby yeah." Anyone agree or disagree?

  • Theresia

    #39 loved this movie!!

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