• chipsnhow

    #10 i have never wanted a salad so much in my life.

  • FKK_fan

    #6 Had me laughing so hard because I don't have a scale (to avoid the obession). I weigh myself at a pharmacy and had to think what they would say if I stripped naked! :p

  • katastrophe89

    #10 looks soooooo tasty

  • Becky

    #3 Ooops you spilled your breakfast!

  • googleberry
  • kellibaby

    Helloooo #16!

  • http://essebi.tumblr.com/ essebi

    #15 aren't they 12 minutes?

  • Mary

    #16–Shenandoah National Park?
    #10–sorry but it doesn't look low-cal—croutons, cheese?

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