• Lyra

    IKEA loves you, baby!

  • Rebbie

    #5 #6 How in the???

  • http://www.excellentlease.com/ Stephen

    IKEA loves you, baby!

    • GrantB

      That's what she ^^ said

  • doerteee

    #21 #23 that's awesome!

  • Sarah

    I don't understand the all-white thing. I know people think it looks classy, but I think it just looks boring. All of these afters are all white. Where's the color?!

    • Lyra

      Damn the republicans!

    • beesknees4

      White looks clean. Love it!

  • Jen

    i am about to buy a house and i want to do some of these projects but i have no idea where to start! I look on pinterest all the time and i have SO many ideas.

    • googleberry

      That is a great way to start! Look across all of the things you like (or have pinned) and you should start to see a theme. Or maybe just several really cool things catch your eye. Figure out WHY they catch your eye and WHY a certain thing appeals to you. It's really picking the best of the bunch, and consolidating what you like into a harmonious whole. You'll do fine!

      • Jen

        thanks so much! I am really looking forward to it and watching the changes happen.

        • googleberry

          I don't know if you've read my posts, but I was a professional interior designer (commercial and residential) in NYC, Boston and Atlanta for many many years and have a BA in Interior Design (with honors)….you can ask me anything! Reply to any of my posts and I'll get an email. I'm sure you'll do great!

          Something that really helps is to understand scale and proportion, too, so check out information online on "phi" to train your eye to recognize good proportion. Scale of pattern and texture combinations are also important and probably THE most important is lighting.😀

          • Jen

            wow, you are a good resource then!:) do you have a pinterest thing i can follow you on?

            i think there are so many different projects that i want to do, i am so overwhelmed! like id like to paint my room and kitchen and i like a deep green for one wall in my room and then a yellow for my kitchen. and then like a taupe for my living room. ah!

            • googleberry

              I do have a pinterest account, but I only use it to post things that I look for here then put on the site thehunt.com. I hope that if I can't find it, someone else can. They only use pinterest and instagram photos.

              You CAN do the different colors in different rooms! Try to have them relate to each other in some way, like an undertone of yellow to them all. BUT be sure to have consistently colored/style of trim to tie the rooms together, and add a neutral shade that also tracks from space to space in fabrics or flooring.😀

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    I do like the all white kitchen, seems to really open the space up. I found a great pin on how to paint the cabinets you have instead of replacing them if you have no dosh. Good project coming up for my wee kitchen.

  • Chubby

    #15 LOVE it

  • Rachel :)

    #12 There must be a really tall person in that home

  • annabel

    few of those were improvements….

    • MrCoffeeman

      ^ right on. Very few…

  • dreagee

    i love the idea of #12:)

  • Samy

    White cabinets are in right now but I hate them. Loved the beachy bathroom:)

  • lovelynifty

    Honestly I can't believe half of these are the same space..beautiful!

  • DrunkGirl

    These would be better, if the before and after photo were taken from the exact same angle

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