• nicole


  • Courtney

    #1 I believe Britney was photoshopped to look bad. Just sayin'…

    • Pat

      Agreed. I can't believe a make-up team would put her in front of a camera with that uneven skin tone (for starters).

    • https://twitter.com/DanaLittlerose Dana Littlerose

      I thought the original was a paparazzi photo or something, isn't that a handbag strap?

  • PicklesMcGee

    #11 i loooove this movie!

    • WisGal_KCCO

      Me too! This scene especially😉

  • PicklesMcGee

    I actually think #15 is a great example of how photoshop SHOULD be used. Cleaning up wrinkles on clothing or armpit chub to make a photo more aesthetically pleasing isn't a bad thing imo.

    • April C

      Look what they did to her collar bone. I mean wtf?

    • googleberry

      Doing that just adds to peoples unrealistic expectations… IMO… I really can't get behind all the blogs I run across with people wanting to be "perfect" when perfect is not and never can be a reality.

      • PicklesMcGee

        Photoshopping someone to make their waist smaller, boobs bigger, eyes bluer, etc. yes, I agree with you. But smoothing out clothing or harsh collar bone lines are not making her unrealistic or perfect, it just makes the photo look nicer. & as a photographer, I see nothing wrong with that.

        • gmg

          Smoothing out clothing is fine, distorting anything on the body (collar bone and armpit included) is a no no.

        • Cori

          I agree, if being that thin gives you a "harsh collar bone", we need to stop pretending it doesn't. Smoothing out clothing, knock yourself out, that doesn't change anything meaningful.

  • william

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    • zillyzallie

      Spammy William, wow, you read our minds. You know us so well.

      • I love LA


  • _alexa_

    #14 Her elbow lol

  • dreagee

    #11 my favorite part of the movie:)

  • lemonDorito

    #19 Omg. The red- head and the blonde (I don't know their names) actually look like legit females.

  • Krissy

    #5 is the exact head of my cat lol

  • Dianne

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