• Madison

    Congrats!! I love the ring!

  • Lisa

    #35…found my Dirty Dancing CD last weekend…my daughter thought I was a goober. I'm fine with that!! lol
    #38 ADORABLE
    #39 Adorable in a totally different way! Thank you for your service! If you're ever in Colorado, first round is on me! 😉

  • Jordana


    yum! can I have one of my own?! lol

  • ReeBee

    #13 All I see is Frodo! 😀

  • Mrs. Elba

    #19 There should be a law against this much hotness in one person.

  • http://twitter.com/Aowyn77 @Aowyn77

    #39 God bless the US Military!!! I would like to show this soldier my appreciation PERSONALLY😉 *bounces eyebrows*

  • Katie

    #16 Jay Hernandez- where have you been?!?!

  • googleberry

    #2 This page says it is Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa. Other sites say it is in Mexico…anyone?


  • googleberry

    #10 50 Shades of Grey Baby Onesie. $15. etsy shop ExpressiveDesigns01.


  • googleberry
  • googleberry

    #38 Buy it (similar), $15.99.


  • doerteee

    #13 did his ears get bigger? xD

  • brainsock

    #39 omg yes he is…en fuego.

  • tapeitup

    #33 HILARIOUS. KIM had her leg in the air back then… and ROB was PUDGY WIMP back then too. Awesome. Kar-doooosh-ian !!!

  • Andrea

    Number 19…isn't that a baguette? Wait, I"m French Canadian. That IS a baguette

  • VeeRich

    #38 makes me want to learn to knit.

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