• carmen

    #8 is my fave

  • skyfireCO

    love the placement in #10 and the art on #12

  • Evie

    great post.

  • katastrophe89

    love #9 because i'm a harry potter fan AND a beatles fan so this one is perfect lol
    also i love #16

  • Tiggerwitch


  • sophia

    #7 love it!

  • nicole


  • Vivi

    I just love them all, but especially #2 #12 #15😉

  • Sarah

    #7 and #9 – What's with all the Elder Wands? Or is this not an HP reference?

  • doerteee

    Awww I wish I had the guts (and the money!) to go through with my tattoo plans:)

    • Jables

      so apart from the money issue…. I say JUST DO IT…. don't listen to anyone about the usual crap of not getting a good job, being judged because you have something that means something to you in your skin forever, and if it's the pain thing (it usually is what scares people the most) then start small… truth is it will hurt, some say it is like a hot scratch and it's like digging your nails really hard into your skin… problem is certain areas do hurt more than others but even so it depends on your pain threshold… i've had tats on my wrists (that are quite small and boney), my ribs, my hips and the bottom of my spine which are all places that are meant to hurt the most but it didn't feel any worse than anywhere else i've had done… in fact the worst for me was the inside upper arm near the armpit, that place was stupidly sensitive for me but the vibrations from the gun were tickling me so i didn't know what to do!…😛
      Good luck for future investments:)

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