Berries, send in the geekiest thing you own NOW!

geek Berries, send in the geekiest thing you own NOW!

Hey Berries!

Emily, Alex and I were talking about being closet geeks. We have a feeling that many of you all are too! We want see the geekiest thing you own.

1. Take a picture and send it to theBERRYpics[at]


2. Write a blurb about it in the e-mail or on the photo.

We’ll post the pictures as they come in!

BERRY love,

  • little_loo

    but i'm at work! damn. dirty little closet geek though :p

  • ale

    Damn it! Im stuck here!

  • VeeRich

    That DS ring is pretty darn cute!

    I have a DS at home that my fiance got me for Christmas last year. I figured out he got it for me so I could keep occupied while he played COD. I suppose it's a win, win.

  • Ariane

    Where do I get one of these?!! It's soo cute

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