Hot men of theBERRY enjoying the last bits of summer (67 photos)


As summer comes to a close, we can't help but feature a ton of hotties enjoying it. Hope you enjoyed summer as much as we have. Click SUBMIT to send your HMOTB pic our way. We can't make this post without all of you!
BERRY love,

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Click HERE to see the last round of hotties.

  • Tracy

    #48 is delicious.

  • jan

    The second guy from the left in the 26th picture reminds me of Silas Botwin. Yum.

  • sunscreensweetie

    #64 I would rub aloe vera all over that

  • Wisti

    *sigh* so many disappointments :( too many look like doucebags…

  • @RickvdS

    I check out theBerry just once.. and I see people I know IRL.. that's just crazy!

    • @RickvdS

      DAMN that had to be #26

  • Nautical

    #41 & #61 Gorgeous guys!

  • Berry Girl

    #8: Yep! Now let's see the rest! ;-)

  • Madisyn

    Good Lord!!! Can I have then all!? Is there anyone from Edmonton on here!!!

  • kelos

    #7, please please!! :) #31, love that Charleston boy!!

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