• katastrophe89

    i have never seen a pink coke can! is this real or shopped? #23

    • googleberry

      I contacted Coca-Cola and they said that they have never made a pink coke can, so it must be 'shopped. I told them that they should make it for Breast Cancer Awareness and sent them this picture. 😀

  • holly

    #9 not berry worthy! cigarettes are gross

    • doerteee

      and some people enjoy them.

    • ...

      I was thinking that too. I hate that some girls think it makes them look more attractive(/edgy?). I guess the pic made the cut because of the outfit, but eck.

      • Hollywood22

        Maybe she doesn't think either; did you take a moment to stop and think maybe she is just enjoying a cigarette? Perhaps she's addicted? I higly doubt she is doing it to be cool. I don't smoke, however I have friends that do, and while I wish they would quit, I love them just the same.

    • Theresia

      I used to smoke, I am so glad I quit, but I sure miss it sometimes!

    • Mch

      Who are you to judge other people?
      So what if some people enjoy a cigarette?
      There will be enough Berries who do like a cigarette,
      so do I. What you want to say, that we're not Berrie Worthy?

  • doerteee

    #32 is so me. And then I end up being underdressed when awesome things happen.

  • http://2wentysomething.com amy park

    Is #26 a room or a store? Its so cute!

  • Masuganut

    What is #4?

    • RedSplash

      eos lip balm

    • BounceAround

      Eos lip balm, you twist the "egg" and you see a ball of lip balm for your lips. It is super cute and smells so good.

  • Hope

    #30,look at the baby!!!❤

  • megaliz

    #15, heh heh

  • BerryLover

    #26 makes me wish this was my closet

  • rcd86

    LOVE #27

  • BounceAround

    Oh, I love #4 Eos lipbalm is amazing.

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