• dreagee

    i love #22

  • chelsea_dagger

    I'm not brave enough or spill-resistant enough for white. Love #8, though.

  • Emily

    What a tease, Berry, providing sources for things we can't wear till next year!

  • TheMoreYouKnow

    Just so everyone knows, this is an extremely outdated rule. No one, even in the upper east coast, abides by this anymore.

    • Sara

      Fashion rules… Psssssh. Fashion is about expressing yourself with whatever you want, whenever you want, not about following rules!

      • TheMoreYouKnow

        Which was my point exactly.

    • katastrophe89

      we KNOW no one abides by it anymore, that's why it's a joke.

      • TheMoreYouKnow

        …was there some sort of joke that I missed? I wasn't aware this was a comedic article, I was making a simple statement. Put your claws away girl, it's Friday!

  • katastrophe89

    i love #6 and #24
    so cute

  • ssoph

    ❤ #2 + #19

  • KCC

    I've never understood this white rule, although I do live in Fl where the summer extends to November:)

  • Hope

    Where to get #20?!

  • Siren78

    Where is #24 Skirt from? So beautiful!

  • misschris

    #7 Ooh this dress is so cute and a lil bit sexy! Want it!

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