• grace1006

    #19 – As a Wingate alum who loves the Berry, it was awesome to see you on here. Congratulations on your accomplishments! Go Bulldogs!

    • grace1006

      Whoops sorry, I didn't see the WIU until after I posted, but still, congrats!

  • vihenos

    #37 EPIC.. and yes this is happening now lol😀

  • Metallnot

    #4 i wanna them now!<img src="http://tinyurl.com/c7gx5zk&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    #23 Only the wussy ones. I love reptiles, amphibians, rodents, you name it. The only thing I don't like are certain insects (i.e. spiders, roaches, and blood suckers).

  • Twin Cities Girl

    #31 not quite…

    • Sarah

      Don't be mean.

  • Bertie

    #31 eeeeehhhh sure:0

  • Hola

    #32. I have a one and a half year old nephew and he is just the cutest kid ever, but one of my greatest fears is of him growing up to be someone like Manson. v_v

    • Via

      If he does grow up to be like Manson remember that he is a college graduate with a masters in business, an entrepreneur, a talented painter and song writer, and is very out spoken on various controversial topics such as same-sex marriage, human rights, equality, and freedom of speech. Just because you don't like his style doesn't make him a bad person or a bad role model. He's actually kind of awesome.

      • doerteee

        thank you❤

      • katastrophe89

        thank you, if you didn't say it i was gunna…😉

      • Hola

        Well, yes, you can be all of that without having to dress like a freak. I'm sorry, I know it's not to right to judge him because that's how he likes to portrays himself as but still, I would not want my nephew to look like someone's nightmare.

        Good for him for having accomplished all of that. And good for him for not giving a fuck to what anyone thinks of him. But my opinion does not change, I would not want him to dress like a monster and have people stare at him and talk about him behind his back. Yes, I know it's hypocritical of me to want that since I'm doing it to Manson but it's human nature to be against something not "normal."

  • Christina

    #30 so cool!

    • Lizabeth

      I saw something very dirty when I first looked at it….😦

  • dreagee

    #1 is awesome!

    • Tori

      Taken by Mark Burnham, a young photographer from British Columbia, Canada!
      (The photo was used without his permission, so I'm trying to spread the word and give him the credit that he so deserves!) :)

  • Arwen

    #31 I'm sorry, but that's just awful.

  • Abbey

    #32 He frightens me :0

  • Raven

    Is #10 Rookie Blue?

  • JMHjess

    #19 You're super cute, way to go! (I bet you were adorable before the weight loss too!)

  • Kenny

    #30 Now make a vagina!

  • katastrophe89

    #2 is so boss, I HAVE to learn how to do this…

  • sarahbelle

    #40 is a god. So fine, wanna make you mine!

    • Erin


  • Dawn

    #39 Had to give some love to these two!

    • Alyssa

      Psych…BEST show ever! "You know that's right!"

  • http://www.miamiprivatejetcharterservice.com/ Elicia

    #19 – As a Wingate alum who loves the Berry, it was awesome to see you on here. Congratulations on your accomplishments! Go Bulldogs!

  • ako

    #18 Apparently, I'm doing it wrong, because my morning routine does not include a face mask.

  • BerryLover

    #2 must try
    #15 those were the days

  • goodforyou2

    #9 Happy AND attractive couple..

  • aVulgarSquirrel

    #25 "Ahem, nothing to see here…"

  • helen

    #9 Beautiful couple. Wishing you two many years of happiness.

  • Alanna

    #9 That's my hubby and I!! Thanks for posting this Berry!!😀

  • Tracy

    #40 oh the dirty v on this hot potato…makes me melty

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