• jesse

    oops although youre cute too but its #8

  • Eileen

    #2 he can unleash his inner redneck anytime! Moar!

  • Mch

    #47 & #48: The two things in live that make it worth while❤

  • http://www.facebook.com/SamanthaDarling23 Samantha


    I had to stare at this picture for a while. Scrolled down, but then scrolled back up.
    Can you tell me who this amazing gentleman is??<3

  • Chelsie

    #53 omg Hi!!

  • KeeleyT

    #38 I was momentarily stunned when I saw this! It warmed my heart. My brother Tyler, who is also a Marine, has just retired (medically retired) after 6+ years of service. Oohrah, semper fi, and thanks to your brother and family!

  • Rachel

    8,17,30 moar! Loving the tattoos :))

  • Rachel :)

    I have to write down all the photo numbers that I like so I don't forget!
    #42 WTF
    #47 Mmm Mumford & Sons❤
    #48 Zach Braff is HOT!

    • Marge

      #42 Bad Photoshop.

  • Jare

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  • poppy

    *ladies.. got too excited revealing the conspiracy😀

  • katie

    11 always cracks me up, 32, OMG so making those this weekend accompanied by sweet tea and soco

  • Tara

    #53 and #25
    You guys look amazing! very Yummy!

  • kapandinha

    #47 love them!

  • Leigh

    #8 yumm!
    #23❤ this kitty!
    #42 Freaky cool!
    #46 sooo precious!

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