• googleberry

    #12 Home made parfaits.


    Here's what she says it is:

    "my first homemade parfaits
    ingredients (3 servings): 1 peach, 2 flat peaches, 1 nectarine, 1 apple, plain oats and unsweetened 0.1% fat yoghurt
    calories per cup: 220 roughly"

  • Schnizz56

    #1 if thats true why are personal trainers so popular?

  • Michelle

    today is a perfect day to make #8 #12

  • Thankful Mama

    I did. Just finish my first 10k in exactly 1h! Despite running very carefully in the fear of making the typical beginner's mistake of going to fast. I only really believed it when I saw the results online just a minute ago, because I kept feeling like I missed a round!
    Thank you, my beloved Berries, for all the motivation! You all and my two daughters make me feel like every and anything is possible.

    • googleberry

      Congratulations, Thankful Mama! What an accomplishment!!! I am so PROUD of you! * big hug * ❤❤❤ 😀

      • Thankful Mama

        Thank you googleberry!!! I'm am amazed by how much it means to me so thank you!!❤

        • googleberry

          You're an inspiration to me and I'm sure a lot of other Berries! Keep up the great work! and that is a FAST time…I had to double check! 😀😀😀 * grins ear to ear *

  • Becky

    #11 I'm excited about going from "I can" to "I did." I'm starting the Insanity workout plan tomorrow! Wish me luck!! I'm going to look at The Berry EVERYDAY for motivation!!!

    • googleberry

      Good luck, Becky! Wow! That is a big step. Kudos to you! All the best and let us know how you're doing, too, please, when you have the time. Try not to overdo too soon…

      • Lup

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    • Thankful Mama

      Good luck, Beck!! I have no idea what Insanity is (will google it right after this!) but it sounds… INSANE!! B)
      Will be keeping eyes open for updates!

  • surlymermaid

    2 months until #2 will be me!!

  • JMSNipomo

    #2 needs to be a toothpaste commercial. Two sets of perfect, white teeth!

  • Jare

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  • Jen

    some people cant motivate themselves. i worked out with a trainer a few times to learn new workouts and then i do them on my own:)

  • Carlos

    This book looks amazing. I’ve siutdes the Salem Witch Hunts/Trials and was astonished that along with the people executed during the time, there were also 2 dogs killed becuase of the belief that they were servants of the witches.It’s so interesting to learn that the author is a descendant of the Carriers.

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