• KPaps

    I can't believe berry actually posted this, disappointing.

  • Abbey

    This show nauseates me !!! Why would a network ever put a family like this on tv ?

  • fer cyccone

    it's up to each parent to teach their kids, to tell them the values you judge important, to take care of their health and to TEACH them how to live a healthy prosper life, which means, less NO!, and more explanations and constructive critics, not to mention love and understanding .Let's not project our hate on a TV show, and certainly, stop judging a whole family you don't even KNOW, over a reality show…really people ?

    • guest

      …you must be one of them

  • Catman

    Why would anyone watch this white trash extravaganza of child exploitation? I have no hope left for this country.

  • surlymermaid

    I've got to go hug my kids. Right now.

  • Meg

    This family may not be the most attractive or well-mannered, but they clearly and unconditionally love each other, which is a HELL of a lot more than I can say for other television families (the Kardashians anyone?) There is far worse on television, as well as in America than what the Honey Boo Boo family is representing. I am appalled that so many people hate them for such shallow and ridiculous reasons.

    • Kels

      You are so right! I'm appalled people aspire to be like the Kardashians, who regularly back stab each other and are quite possibly the most fake family on the planet. THIS family is real and actually loves each other. How many times are you going to find that on reality tv?!

  • Shannon

    God. Help. Us. All.

  • ChrisDG74

    There once was a time when the "L" in TLC stood for "Learning".
    Sadly, that is no longer the case…..

  • Emily

    What the bloody hell is this?

  • Lauren

    I am from the south, born and raised (and still here), and I can honestly say that I don't know anyone that acts that way…or ever has. I live in the country part, too…like bumfuckegypt. Wow. Why does everyone think that all of us southerners are like this?

  • Gingerirene

    I want to adopt this child and take care of her. She is smart and adorable. The mother is just repulsive and ridiculous– feeding her children expired junk food and roadkill while she spends THOUSANDS on beauty pageant dresses. I watch this show like one would be drawn to a car accident– gross, yet I cannot look away. Poor kid, I hope she rises above her circumstances.

  • Job


  • bloomfever2002

    why the hell do people watch this crap and make it popular? This is Jerry Springer without Jerry. Trash!

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  • ravenhairednyer

    My God!! Our future is so fucked by these social service gobbling white trash!!
    For those who claim its ok cause they are not on welfare… THINK AGAIN!!
    2nd oldest daughter gets impregnated & has another out of wedlock child with 2 right thumbs??? INTERBREEDING! The older daughters are food stamp pigs . In fact they obtained that disgusting pig Glitzy so they could claim farm tax on their roach infested redneck property! The pig actually shits on their dinner table while they are eating?? my god! & just to be clear I mean Glitzy shit not June.. hard to tell who the biggest PIG is !!

  • i am a country girl

    Omg! Make fatso momma go out the back and chop some wood every day and both her and the tubby toddler need to attend forced fat camp! Truly disgusting! I am poor and grew up on a rural property and we never looked like this family and or behaved like this family. Rural people in general would die of shame if made to behave in this manner. I also went to University (as did my two brothers) and we all graduated with University degrees. Being poor does NOT mean you are necessarily trash. Neither am i (or any other family member an unmarried mother or living off the welfare) oh and yes we did (and sometimes do still eat road-kill) which is mainly wild jack rabbits that get run over or hit by cars outside on the road. In winter they are as fresh as (like frozen stiff) fresh and their is nothing better than jack rabbit stew!

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