• http://twitter.com/MoonWalkerKris @MoonWalkerKris

    #10 I had the same Polly Pocket!

    • Katie O

      ME TOO!! How about that trap door behind the suit of honor?! or the fact that it lit up!?!

  • humu

    #37 totally haha

    • chelsea_dagger

      Hahaha, I was thinking James Franco before I even read the caption.

      • Jamie

        made me laugh

  • Natasha

    #34 oh my goodness I'm ready for two feet of snow and hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows!

  • Metal_Petals

    #34 120 degree Summer days where I'm from. I'm so ready for a cool down!

  • beth

    more #31 pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeee!

    • may

      Jason Momoa. Hottest man on Game of Thrones by far IMO.

  • Elizabeth

    More # 26!! So hot! Find him!!!!

  • vmalnd98

    #31 well now its a good morning😉

    • rob

      except for wise men with skinny arms

  • Liz_O

    #31 …and now I want to watch some Stargate Atlantis

    • googleberry

      LOVE(D) that show! I'm a Stargate anything addict!

      • Liz_O

        In that case: http://www.qwertee.com/product/there-s-no-place-l
        It should be on sale sometime this week, I can't wait and thought I should share it.😄

        • googleberry

          oohhhh! thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!…I just voted for it! I'm such a nerd!!!!

          • Liz_O

            You're welcome, and I admit I giggled when I saw it'd be out this week, so I can't blame you a bit.

  • April C

    #34 I can't wait! I live in East Texas…so…in about a month and a half we'll be in the 50s! 😀

    • Ryan

      I'm from Northeast Texas! I'll happily take weather in the 50's-it is too hot to be walking around campus during the day!

  • Ryan

    #33….YES! that is spot on.

  • Ella

    #27 NO WAY! Another Berry in my town and I didn't even know?!? Also, Del Crary?

    • http://twitter.com/If_you_ask @If_you_ask

      Yay! Two berries in Peterborough! My boyfriend and I visit there all the time!:) We live in Guelph

    • Amanda

      YAY! It's so awesome to see more Berries from around here!

  • Lauren

    #34 GOD YES. NC summers are waaay too hot and humid.

    • Jessica

      Yup NC summers are the worst, and seem to get longer each year😦

  • Rachel :)

    #10 OMG Polly Pockets were the best toy out!!
    I had this one❤

  • katie

    24, I wonder if anyone else caught that…

    • karla

      Lol i did, took me a minute tho ha!

    • Dani

      Same here, took me a good 2 minutes.
      And thanks for putting that damn song in my head again geez:)

  • RothFan1

    #26 MINE

  • blondebullsfan13

    #34 — yes I will take a cool down now!! I LOVE the fall!
    #32 — if all the firefighters look like Tom – I will take some calendars — Hot firefighters that benefit a good cause… I'll take one for the team. You know?

  • Jamie

    #18 made me aww

  • sidekickk

    #24 I didn't get this one😦

    • googleberry

      check out the kids "dancing" below it! They are too funny..

    • fgbsgb

      you can dance if you want to…you can leave your friends behind….


  • kirinjirafa

    #34 ME

  • Justine



    That is all.

  • Gina

    #37 lol
    i actually thought u were james franco

  • LoBugg

    #3 LOVE that movie.
    #20 love it.:)

  • Dani

    #32 I am ON FIYAH!

    Can I ask for MOAR?

  • SugarSkull

    #26 wow he's really cute! just fell in love c:

  • Not a clue

    #37 Awesome job dude

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