• Blair86

    #4 Absolutely LOVE Buffy, won't even hide that fact…
    #24 I'm addicted to Kardashians too, I'm so embarassed about it I don't even want my new boyfriend to know! Haha! Soo guilty:P

  • Keira

    #20 I agree with Dani. The BDB is amazing…sexy alpha male vampires and even sexier sex scenes…mmm. And I agree with #25 too. I just didn't watch the wedding until late at night because April 29th is my birthday ^_^

    • Jessica

      #25 I'm with ya! Anything royals and I'm there. lol And April 29th is my birthday too. Great bday present.:)

  • Shannon

    #2 You shouldn't feel guilty about listening to *Nsync…EVER!

  • Shannon

    #23 Fully obsessed.

  • Lauren

    #7 & #10 = <3333 I HAVE to watch these shows when they come on!!!

  • Miriah

    #4 Right there with you!!

  • ale

    #20 I´m whit u too, an the dark hunter serie from sherlyn kenyon its good too

  • abby

    and of course Firefly, my all time favorite tv show. Really anything Joss Wheadon

  • kait

    #14 the seasons just get better and better,❤ that damn show!!

  • KCC

    #12 that peacock one is amazing! where did you get it??

  • Kayla

    LOVE Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester!!! Def my guilty pleasure

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