• NotBerryImpressed

    #30 is about the weakest food picture ever. Berry, I know you cater to 20 somethings but cant you get a little of the chives coolness factor going as the sister site? I wanted to like this site but it sucks… The Chive should be embarrassed for continuing this to go on.

    • Lisa


      TheBerry is the softer, gentler side of TheChive. Here, we speak kindly to each other and when criticism is given, it's done politely. If you think it sucks here, you don't have to stay. You're free to let the screen door hit ya. 😉

      ^^^That was my Berry side.

      My chive side wants to tell you to get the fuck out and don't come back. But that'd be semi-rude. :-p

      My apologies to other gentle Berryites. {sigh}

      • Jen

        agreed, Lisa. i come here when i get sick of seeing pics of ass n tits and need something a little more girly.

  • googleberry
  • googleberry
  • googleberry

    #35 Grilled Summer Stacks with Smoky Almond Cream.

  • soda Pop

    #15….is smoking hott…..

  • MissK

    #33….she makes me laugh EVERY time!!!

  • kelsey

    #37 does that kid have a skrillex hair cut??

  • flygirl153

    Scolling theBerry with my mom when suddenly, at #39 she loudly proclaims, "Hey, that looks like the guy I lost my virginity to!" Me: "…Mom, there are some things your kid never wants to know…"

  • CinematicHeart

    so i read #9 before I went to sleep last night (I sleep weird hours)… Meditation or sleep or whatever it was.. It was FREAKY!

  • Cougrrrrrrr

    #36 Boom I'm pregnant!

  • Laura

    #23 Love me some Michigan!!!

    • Laura


  • Charlotte

    #1 – Amen!
    #39 – Ohhh, who's that?😀

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