Morning coffee (39 photos)


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  • MissK

    #33….she makes me laugh EVERY time!!!

  • kelsey

    #37 does that kid have a skrillex hair cut??

  • flygirl153

    Scolling theBerry with my mom when suddenly, at #39 she loudly proclaims, "Hey, that looks like the guy I lost my virginity to!" Me: "…Mom, there are some things your kid never wants to know…"

  • CinematicHeart

    so i read #9 before I went to sleep last night (I sleep weird hours)… Meditation or sleep or whatever it was.. It was FREAKY!

  • Cougrrrrrrr

    #36 Boom I'm pregnant!

  • Laura

    #23 Love me some Michigan!!!

    • Laura


  • Charlotte

    #1 – Amen!
    #39 – Ohhh, who's that? :D

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