• temujin1234
  • Jen

    #10 My friend had her shoes stolen at a yoga studio, so these might deter shoe thieves…

    • socalmarti

      At a yoga studio really? Someone's got some bad karma coming…. geesh!

  • mali_sapun

    #5 I guess someone went bananas while making it

    • katastrophe89

      wow terrible joke lol😉

  • MrsBuck

    Totally want #12!:) & #24 cute!

  • punkie panda

    love all of these want all please

    • fo1133
    • Stiwel

      It wasn’t me I am out $3,000 dollars thguoh but I think that was from losing my butt at the casino. For sure it wasn’t from hiring a hit man or anything like that. If I kidnapped Cow, the only thing I would do is just teach him how to work better for his owner. Jason gets quite frustrated with Cow’s work performance and can get quite abusive. What you don’t see on these YouTube videos is where Jason keeps Cow off the air. It is very possible that Cow set this whole thing up himself just to get away from Jason and his very abusive behaviors. You guys did see the previous video right? All cow wanted to do was just help keep the carpet clean.. sheesh. Yeah I like my steak dinner with a nice garden salad and I sure do enjoy eating cheese burgers. However, due to the unethical practices and living conditions of COW, I seriously doubt he would be Top Grade A meat. For sure, Cow would not pass thru FDA inspection. Face it Cow is better off dead. This whole thing could very well be a planned doctor COWvorkian visit. Jason just needs to get himself a replacement donkey. Garry Conns last blog post..

  • katie

    #1 My grandmother made something kind of like these, only in nice looking fabrics, for my aunt after her hand surgery. She had to wear wrist braces for several months and wanted some way to coordinate them with outfits. Turned out to be a huge hit at her office.

  • socalmarti

    #14 and #17 are pretty cool!

  • bamboo

    #20 why does one need warm shoestrings??

    • Sarah

      My question exactly.

  • Bubble

    #16 brilliant!!!!!

    • cbbred

      Great concept, but the one that looks like an iphone is sick

  • Littlet

    #25 want

  • Lynsay

    #18 I have these and love them!

  • katastrophe89

    #20 definitely the most pointless out of all of these.

  • dkellyb

    #14 kind of creeps me out. I'll stick with the fluorescent mini post-its…

  • googleberry
  • googleberry

    #24 Cupcake Measuring Cups. $19.99.

  • googleberry

    #25 Crime Scene Pot Trivet. $17.99.

  • Erin

    I need to get this for my friend who constantly finds herself waking up in ditches after a night out.

  • googleberry

    #6 JakPak. $238.19 (I don't know if that is British pounds sterling or US dollars).

  • fo1133
  • 3pleasantgentlemen

    #16 is the only good one and I'd still rather look like a drunk than someone who uses a tape recorder.

  • 3pleasantgentlemen

    #16: "Look at that loser with a tape recorder!" "No, it's cool. I'm just an alcoholic." "Oh! Oh, thank god…"

  • Bob

    I have deided, as I was ordered at the top of the post. These are all stupid.

  • WhoaMama

    #18 where can I find them?!?!

  • ChelseaRules

    #11 Beer is great for your hair. If you need some extra volume, just rinse with beer. So I'd totally use this soap.

  • Salehin

    Darn.. can’t believe I misesd the allergy twitter chat! Bugger! Wanted to ask if anyone has had any experiences with food challenges it’s a regular thing now right?and ooooh ikea catalogue I have to go to Ikea soon, I really do have to as we broke the tray on the high chair and need a new one plus I have to look for things for the new bits of our house YAY!

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