• Wet_tosti

    #5 We' re on a break!!!

    • googleberry


  • blondebullsfan13

    #21 makes me laugh! When my best friend and her loser ex finally broke up… we hit the town and drank vodka! That night the bill might have been over what it would cost for dinner for 2, but we didn't care! It was worth every penny!

  • Lisa

    #5 Ahhhhhhhhhh so sad!!!!!!!😥

  • Sophia

    A lot of awesome photos. #25 is my favourite. I've also written up tips for dealing with break ups/being dumped. Check it out here: http://soapopolous.tumblr.com/post/26770555335/br

  • Sherlock Holmes

    #3 hardest lesson in a woman's life.
    #10 hardest lesson in a man's life.
    #14 hardest lesson in everybody's life.

  • http://twitter.com/KristenNWalker @KristenNWalker

    ^^ Oops, posted in the wrong place.

  • jordan6386

    Berry, its like u can read my mind! totally needed this

  • Jena Watson

    shouldn't be a category….

  • Shannon

    #25 Doesn't have to be for a romantic relationship. It counts for friendship too.

  • Shannon

    #17 I loved HIM and HE broke MY heart. It was literally the best thing that ever happened to me.

  • Leigh

    ❤ them all! A little dose of reality.

    #12 so very true!

    #25 – I completely agree!

  • supersport

    #12 It happens far too often. Sorry

  • Bev

    thanks, berry! my fiance just broke up with me…please post more!

  • Kat

    #2 Can't wait for New Girl to come back!!!

  • bombtronbecky

    Ugh, I'm not sure if this post helped or made it worse. Boyfriend of 5 years and I broke up about two months ago, and it's still a struggle everyday. But, I'll get through it, like I will everything else. That's cuz I'm awesome.

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