• hottimasprime

    #8 that's shandy, you get it in cans in the U.K, do you not have that?

    • http://www.foodsnobsquared.com Fifth

      We do. Leinenkugel sells a bottled version called Summer Shandy.

    • ange

      in australia too

  • justme

    green grapes with Chip Ahoy cookies- not kidding, it's actually really good!

  • Sade

    #20 Why???

    • Jen

      Hmm I think if you had soup-less instant noodles and added peanut butter, soy sauce & Sriracha, it might make it taste more like an Asian fusion stir fried noodle dish. I've never tried it though so don't quote me on that!

      • Sade


    • Kaitlyn

      it will be like adding peanut oil or the peanut flavor you find in Asian dishes.

  • katie

    We made hotcakes every summer as a kid. Bisquick with flat sprite and a handful of huckleberries. Spread them thin and long, not round. Perfection on a plate, especially with huckleberry syrup.

  • Johang

    #21 My dad used to make them for me as a kid and called them Queen Anne sandwiches. I still make them when I need some comfort food. The name makes them sound classy too.

  • Platyops

    #12 is amazing!! Cook them for Christmas and thanksgiving every year!

  • Karl Johnson

    Oh my god, why would you keep this a mystery and not a weekly piece? Oh wait, I want to keep all of these secrets to myself so that people think I'm some sort of ninja chef master… It's okay Berry, you can send these to just me.

  • Ashley

    #6 These melt VERY quickly when you take them out of the freezer.

  • Jennifer

    #10 Eating watermelon as I read. Definitely works. Now feel like I've consumed too much salt

  • http://twitter.com/resullins @resullins

    #10 Us southerners have been doing this since the beginning of time. Works on cantaloupe, too.

  • surlymermaid

    #10 I've tried it and it tasted like I was eating the ocean. Bleh. Also, I am going to have to try #13! Looks good.

  • http://twitter.com/shibsta @shibsta

    I love this post! You guys should do more like it more often.

  • Kaitlyn

    #3 have been wanting to do but with rum instead
    #5 is genius, I seriously never would have though to eat like that and cant wait to haha
    #13 cant wait to make with fall coming up =)
    #20 def cannot knock it til i try it, and surprisingly think it will be good
    #21 love the idea of changing up pb&j's

  • Kaitlyn

    oh and I LOVE this post, it is always fun to try something new, even more so when it is simple.

  • ange

    #4 i used to do a bit as a kid, just spreading the mashed potato onto bread and eating that bit of bread

  • Chivette

    #12 is fantastic. Lingonberry sauce of turkey meatballs is especially fantastic.

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