• machiavelli

    #13 's sister is gonna be mad when she finds out he stole her clothes

  • Falco09

    Got my chukkas on right now!

  • chelsea_dagger

    #24 and #17, please. There are a few other "meh"s, but I'd probably be horrified if my man picked me up in most of these outfits. Yikes!

  • skyfireCO

    #13… no, never, no thank you..

    but #19, hell yes!

  • Asolare

    #13 is the worst thing I've ever seen and he thinks the opposite

  • Ari

    #13 is a bit of an Easter nightmare. Then again it probably doesn't help that it's him wearing it. I'm sure I wouldn't hate it as much if it was someone I liked.

  • Sara

    Okay, I'm not digging the whole "guys in short pants" thing. It makes them look like they thought, "I'm going to shop in the junior department today!" Worst.

  • Pyromantic

    …Do these girls what their boyfriends to be gay? 0.o

    • doerteee

      Clothing has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

      Not that all of the clothes here are really flattering, though…

  • Sarah

    Not going to l ie, I don't think I want my boyfriend wearing any of this. Except for maybe… #24.

    • xxx

      wake up – it's Style.😉

  • salem

    when ever i dress up like this my friends tell me I look gay
    But i want to try a bow tie
    #2 #3 #7

    • DTAB

      Just go for it, man. http://www.thetiebar.com

      • xxx

        find some new friends… and fuck everyone, as long as u feel comfortable and are having FUN with your style!😉

  • DTAB

    #25 The images don't match the instructions below them.

    • Guy

      I see the last set of instructions are for a Full Windsor, and Four in Hand is on their twice and the picture for a half windsor is not a half windsor.

      • Asolare

        Good knowledge. I tip my hat to you.

      • Robert

        Thank you. That was bugging me. Most of my friends can't even do that simple knot but when someone posts a 'This is how you do it' and it's incorrect I have to say something. You did it for me…

    • Asolare

      I thought I was going crazy when I saw the 'Full Windsor' – I was sure, straight away, that it was wrong. Glad someone else noticed they're wrong, it would have bugged me until I got my hands on a tie. Cheers to you.

    • DRD

      All of those knots are garbage. They will all be either lopsided or excessively fat. The creator is either a troll or genuinely doesn't know ties.

      The closest thing to a good knot would be what it calls either the Trend Knot or the Plain Knot (this one is missing a step part), but without the double-wrap before tucking it through.

  • DRD

    Pants too short? Check.
    Missing socks? Check.
    Jackets too small? Check.
    In five years wondering what in the world you were thinking? Check, check, check.

  • https://www.facebook.com/CEMac1990 Cory_Mac

    Anybody know where to buy the jacket from #1?

  • rocklesson86

    Some of this is ok.

  • Kellie

    Ladies, most of this stuff is very "said no one ever," and all of those knots look the same.

  • Samantha Kristal

    #13 Stuff I would NOT want my boyfriend to wear… HA!

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