• Rachel

    #6 Where is this dress from…. MUST HAVE!!!

  • KCC

    #25 is perfection! I must know where I can get that!

  • dreagee

    #13 not a skater but I do love converse❤

  • Lauren

    As a girl, I really do hate the color pink lol. I am a green person.

  • Emily

    #26 wtf is up w her toes??

    • hollywood22

      I was thinking the same thing lol. I'm horrible, but the first thing I thought of was Beast's toes from Beauty and the Beast :p

    • Brenda19

      u shuldnt judge:/

  • Megs

    #4 Mine is Burlesque!

  • chelsea_dagger

    #17 Who's that giiiirl?

    • :).

      It's Jess

      • chelsea_dagger


  • hollywood22

    #3 I don't think you get the priveledge of saying you did your nails when you're using appliques. Coming from someone who actually does her nails.

    • Wisti

      I don't even know what an applique is…I'm proud of myself when I can actually be patient enough to let the polish dry before moving around and ruining it😦

  • miko

    #11 oh thank you fairy god mother

  • Tanzi

    The pink heels are just the epitome of The Pink Life. Tre Girl ;))

  • googleberry

    #7 Forever21's Rhinestoned Flower Star Bracelet. $10.80.

  • Abbey

    #7 I want that bracelet #22 Love that car #26 Those shoes are bomb

  • Kay

    Omg where can I get #26??

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