• Paddy
  • jenny

    #43 talentless hack the funniest thing she could do is choke to death. well it wouldn't be funny but at least the fat useless shit would be dead

    • Smurfy

      Your comment is disgusting.

    • Lemon

      Who is she?

    • carina

      Wow…let's slow down on the negativity. You may not think she's talented, but she is still a human being.

      • doerteee

        Thank you!

    • KeeAira

      That's right Jenny, cause you have so much value to your life that you think its ok to say mean things about other people. I'm ashamed for you

    • Coco

      Someone needs a hug!

  • Kelly

    #32 Isn't… that a reese's?

    • JennyB

      I was thinking that too… then I thought, adorable kid, hot dad, and I'm zooming in on the cookie? Go ahead and lie to me, Daddy man. Lie to me all the way to the candy store. yum.

    • MissK

      Why does that child already have emo hair?

  • Ramen2

    #14 lol thats me!<img src="http://tinyurl.com/c7gx5zk&quot; height="1" width="1">

  • Jeffrey

    as Carlos implied I'm impressed that any one able to get paid $8984 in 1 month on the computer. have you seen this site link (Click on menu Home more information) http://goo.gl/EiiXw

    • Rachel :)

      I don't really give a shit about Carlos

  • Amy

    #24 go on a date with me?

  • carina

    #47 I find it hilarious that his socks are still on

  • brainsock

    #32 you made cookies, eh? that looks a lot like a reeses peanut butter cup, and not a cookie you made with your son.

    • Heather

      Maybe they were making cookies with Reeses and he couldn't wait for the cookies so he ate the candy as they were baking (I know I am tempted to sometimes) Both VERY cute!

  • doerteee

    #23 makes me happy.
    #47 is just really funny.

  • hockeychivette3

    #50 MOAR please

    • Bic


  • Missy

    Whooooo Buddy

  • KCC

    #17 I can't stand this asshole.

    • RedNinja

      Douchius Maximus

  • someoneyoudontknow

    #23 and #24 Just made my day.:)

  • asi

    #43 is funny to me

  • Rachel :)

    #24, #21, #50 There were some hotties in this post:)

  • DTAB

    #27 I freaking love Munchkin!

  • Reilly Burrus

    So they need to make a FIND HIM…
    So #8 needs to be found…thanks:)

    • usmc doc

      i am #8

  • bombtronbecky

    #28 Ugh I really can't stand this nonsense. Kids are cool and shit, and it's totally cool to let your kid be who they are, but this is just sad. It's perpetuating a stereotype and being reaaaallly annoying. Am I the only one that feels that way?

    • Coco

      No, you're not. That poor kid doesn't stand a chance.

  • Cassandra

    Wow. #24. Can I have yo numba?

  • Carr

    #35 – oh my God! Nostalgia moment!

    • Nertz7

      I honestly got giddy and squealed when I saw this one!!

  • Castiel

    #28: I don't understand, can someone explain?
    #29: I love your dress in the last pic!

  • http://www.ohmygahh.com delliemack

    Number one totally is wrong! MADONNA is the official mean girl!


    #32 Baby SKRILLEX LOL

    • PhonyGuy

      baby SKRILLEX with a peanut butter cup. NOt a homemade cookie. Derrrrrrrrrrrr

  • cme_red

    #42 is yummy, wish he could be my eye candy here on Camp Leatherneck… ijs😀

  • Mr. C.

    @cme_red……Thanks! Huggs and kisses (on the cheek, of course) from FOB Lagman.

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