• Charlotte

    #26 – She's wearing a diaper… Why??

    #29 – I need to do that! Is that just string wrapped around the back?

    • Sarah

      It's the hem that you cut off from the bottom. You cut it and then wrap it around the back. Super easy, my friend and I made 3. They're awesome. =)

  • Jen

    #30 haha thanks for making this classical musician smile:)

  • CourtneyElise

    #13 I laughed out loud!

    #27 I stared at this for a long time!!!

  • soda Pop

    #21 is awesome!

  • Jenn

    #10 Thanks again for posting my story. The Berry makes me laugh and smile every day, as I scroll through all the good pictures. Thank you girls for creating a website that puts a little light in my life & heart:)

    • jenn

      oops, I meant #20

  • Isaburd

    #25 Ah Berry, you never let me and my Renner obsession down… thank you❤😀 xxxx

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