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  • Frone

    *sigh* #12 now I need to go buy paint pens because I need these.

  • kelly_7474

    I have a question: does everybody reads before the first coment, in every post of the berry, a message about flaging a comment?
    thank you

    • yikes

      i have no idea what your question was?????

    • Bit312

      Yeah I don't understand your question either.

    • Hollywood22


  • Bit312

    MOAR #1 and #2 in preparation for Halloween please.❤

  • jason walter

    <img src=""/&gt; These are all so cool, really lightened up my morning.<img src=""/&gt;

  • Happy

    Ugh. I love berry DIY.

  • Dana {craftedniche}

    Thanks for featuring my cornhole boards! Glad you liked them! Who doesn't love a good game of bean bags for tailgating season?!

  • Madeleine

    Thank you so much for including my site in this post!!!

  • LGG

    #5 can someone please tell me what "corn hole boards" are for?

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