• MontanaGirl

    #16 Thank You for sharing him! He's HMOTB.

    • chelsea_dagger

      Agreed – he's got some great friends, too😉

  • temujin1234
  • laurla

    #8 and happy people just don't shoot their husbands:)

    • Abbey

      haha I was just about to post that !

    • Suggie

      laurla sweetheart, you ok? xD
      Remember, some men just can't hold their bullets!

    • skyfireCO

      Exact same thought goes through my head every time someone says Endorphins:)

  • http://vnmusa.com Qu Terry

    #16 is hilarious!

  • Sarah

    I love #12 – That's awesome.

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    #6 my favourite snack. Nom.
    #12 looks like edinburgh:)

    • Asolare

      It is Edinburgh – love this place!

  • runkelso

    #8 …Happy people don't kill their husbands…. Legally Blonde anyone?

  • Bee

    #13 what about blueberries? Acai berries? Carrots (prevent destruction of DNA in cells=prevents cancer) I don't like that list.

    • Draiden

      Acai berries are like super fruit. And covered in dark chocolate (from Trader Joe's) they are irresistable

  • googleberry

    #11 Green Bean Salad with Mustard Seeds and Tarragon.

  • googleberry

    #7 was AWESOME…then came the F bomb… ruined it.

    • soliellr

      that's the part I liked! Fuck them! lol

  • socalmarti

    #12 Is probably the most motivational thing ever!!!!

  • andrew koster


  • LGG

    #15 are you kidding?! wow.

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