• temujin1234
  • anna

    #1 omg omg omg i had that. i also had the same thing with clothing.berry, find me the nintendo sodas!!!!

    • PicklesMcGee

      I had the clothing one too!! It was my favorite toy:-)

    • Megan

      Ahh!! The Princess Soda was my favorite!! In the little mini cans… loved those:)

    • Sarah

      I had the clothing one too! I loved it. I still have it.

  • Beret

    Oh my god..the family ties game! I love how they have Skippy in his own bubble.

  • Bernie

    #25 Loved this stuff!

    • V4Vendetta14

      I seem to remember that magic bubble stuff smelling stronger than paint thinner. Had to be crazy toxic. "Here kids, go play with these unsafe chemicals…"

  • Deviantart

    #3 i have it!<img src="http://tinyurl.com/c7gx5zk&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • Pat

    #4 – That definitely me brings me back to Friday nights as a child! "Dinosaurs" was on some Friday nights, too.

    • Kelsey

      Dinosaurs is on Netflix now!

  • vmalnd98

    #16 loved that show #21 I need this so I can make some friends

    • socalmarti

      me too!!!!β€πŸ˜‰

  • Jessica

    Loooove it! #1 made my heart sing:)

  • bombtronbecky

    I still use one for my makeup…

  • Heather

    #2 Caboodles! I used to have so many of these to keep all of the little pieces of my toys organized… One for Polly Pockets, one for Barbie Shoes, one for My Little Pony hair combs…

    • Karen

      I wanted a caboodle so bad. My dad wouldn't get me one because his logic was it was just a girlie colored tackle box and unless I was fishing I didn't need one. I was so disappointed and when I finally got one they were lame! Ahhhhh childhood. Lol

  • PicklesMcGee

    Ugh #3 I could never see ANYthing! 😦

    • B.Davs

      right?! They have them in the newspapers sometimes and I can never do it.

    • socalmarti

      Remember The Minds Eye?

    • TC

      I have come to believe that those are a scam and tons of people say they see something just to play a joke on the rest of us…I have never been able to see it lol.

  • Maddyfaye

    #1 THANK YOU BERRY! For reminding me about this toy!!!! This was the greatest! Wish I had it back.😦

  • chelsea_dagger

    #2 – Kit & Caboodle!!!!
    #19 – I got an 11 second beginner once. Never could beat it.
    #25 – All these did was make a mess!! I was bubble inept

  • Maple

    #1, my friend had the clothes one and I asked for it for my birthday and got this one instead. Had totally forgotten about it.

  • kait

    #1 I totally had, #2 I still have, miss #16 and used #22 every year for Halloween

  • April

    #2 I still have mine #16 I dreamed about being on that show.

  • Amy

    #21 The origin of the forever alone meme.

  • googleberry

    #18 made me LOL!!!! hated that stuff with a vengeance. piles of it EVERYWHERE! slogging through code… then when it isn't straight in the printer!!!!!!!

    • bob

      i'd wager most of the viewers have no idea WHAT those pages are, as for myself, well my dad shared your coding nightmare, but for me it was an ENDLESS PAPER AIRPLANE SUPPLY!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  • bloomfever2002

    #16 who didn't want to be on that show? That was so awesome!!

  • Hope

    God i remember all of these!

  • socalmarti

    #5 I can't beleive ther's a Judy Blume I missed…….. now I have to find it !!

  • Alice

    What was #16 called?

  • lvasic


    Peeling the edges off was and still is so fulfilling. Especially if you manage to get the edge off in one piece along the perforations.

  • nicole

    Did anyone else actually try to see what was on #3?

    • bob

      to date i've never been able to see the hidden picture in ANY of those😦

  • melanief

    #2 I still use mine for my makeup as well! Specifically, the one in the upper right corner – the purple marble with the pink handle. That's the one I have!πŸ˜€

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