Great post-baby bods (24 photos)

Click HERE to see before and after pregnant celebs.

  • temujin1234
  • Mel

    But really, Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey? We're using the term "great" awfully loosely, aren't we?

    • guest

      I agree. Not that yucky skinny Mila or Nicole is awesome either, but it seems the point of this post is successfully returning to a slim, fit body? These are just celebrities who have babies.

    • Jen

      totally agree. jessica simpson was offered 4 mil to lose the baby weight. im sure that is just pocket change for her though. and she isnt looking GREAT.

    • McC

      Really you have a baby and be expected to loose ALL the weight you gained and let us know how it goes. They look great it just shows they enjoyed pregnancy and have a strong healthy baby

      • Mel

        I've had three kids, actually. I am skinnier now than I was in high school. Having kids isn't an excuse to be fat. It's an excuse to work harder to lose the weight.

      • surlymermaid

        I lost all of my baby weight with my second child after just 10 days. Baby and I were both quite healthy and happy. With my first it took me all of about 3 weeks. And I was in my mid-thirties.

  • socalmarti

    Right as if I didn;t have issues about not looking like a supermodel already now I have to worry about looking like one post-partum? And #14 aren't her twins like in college already. There should be a time limit on this, if you just had a baby you should not be expected to look like Nikki Taylor, as a matter of fact the only person expected to look like Nikki Taylor should be Nikki Taylor! This is an insiduos disease that undermines women's progress and self-esteem!!!!!

  • Justathought

    This post probably doesn't make new moms feel very good. Not everyone can snap back like this.

  • ohcomeonnow

    give me plastic surgery, full-time nanny, trainer, personal chef… I'll look like that after a baby, too.

  • xoxo

    #17 Nicole Richie definitely looks best with a little weight on her. She looks very healthy here.

  • Kriss

    These women look good. But we need some post baby real mommies:) it takes hard work and a bit of good genetics.

  • MHLM

    #2 I'm inloove with! Jessica had south hassle over her bein so "fat" after having her baby. Sorry not all of us can become twigs right after baby's it takes time to do it right!

  • sparrow

    Really? How about celebrating post-baby bodies like Jessica Simpson or Hillary Duff… ones that look like your every-day moms who don't have personal trainers, personal chefs, etc. New moms have enough pressure and self image issues to deal with.

  • Tor

    ugh, victoria beckham is on here? she is painfully thin and that probably shouldn't be encouraged.

  • Melina

    Truth is some women are lucky and only gain the baby bump and breasts. Some actually realize that "eating for two" isn't really what you should do. Unfortunately, I'm the Khloe Kardashian of my family. In the sense that my sisters and mom are petite cute lil light skinned Mexicans. I'm tall and tan through sunblock. They all assumed I'd gain insane weight. Not the case, yes I want to eat frosting out of the can and lounge in my underwear but I don't want to have a hard time and hate myself after my son is born. It's sacrifices, genes, and luck. Fingers croseed I remain sans stretch marks and look like Heidi Klum.

  • Brae

    To be rich and stress free.

  • mmoossee

    #10 looks great, but I'd be willing to bet my LIFE that she's had gastric bypass. That is not all from Weight Watchers. Just sayin.

  • Heather

    haha i wish, 6 months pp and i still have like 20 lbs to lose, bitches.

  • Beth

    UGH! Berry I thought you were better than this! Post baby bodies??? Really? Disappointed.

  • sherri

    Where's Pink?

  • Anonymous

    Horse faced Jessica Simpson gets fatter every day.

  • John

    Great body, Doutzen Kroes, Jessica Alba, Brooke Burke.

    Big old fat mound of jello, the mannish Jessica Simpson.

  • Puddin


  • Puddin

    #16 she scares me. yuck.

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