Hot men of theBERRY: Smiling Edition! (70 photos)

Allll smiles all the time! Thanks for sending these fun photos our way. Snap a pic and click SUBMIT. You know what to do!
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan & Alex

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  • BrittMM

    Yes #30!!! MFFL =)

  • kl2264

    #54 well aren't you just adorable:)

    • Hazel

      I was just about to make a very similar post! Mine was more along the lines of "Hello there handsome!!"

  • Kira

    ok. i stopped when i saw #7 i'm in love. i couldnt go any further

  • lunamama

    There are too many to number to say, YUM!

  • sej09

    #63 love the smile!

  • Deviantart

    Not bad at all!<img src="; width="1" height="1" />

  • Tae

    #20 and #24 FTW!!

    • Cory_Mac

      haha you're awesome!

  • pear

    smiles make them all HMOTB…;)

  • hokiekelly

    #31 VT fans steal my heart!

  • aciekay

    #7 i want youuuuu. #10 and definitely you too. oooh. leather. #43 all of you have such fabulous smiles. pleeeease live in louisiana. or very close to it.

  • lace

    #24 Moar PLEASE!!

  • ben

    #9 this is ridiculous. iQuit.

  • Erika

    #65 hot !!!!

  • May

    #62 and poor girls will take your money

    • awhite2020

      Money is way easier to replace.

  • temujin1234
  • Joanna

    #18 did it for me

    • @Curley4Kratos

      thank you!

    • Willard

      If you're going to wear a badge and be featured in on a website of hot guys, put the badge on strait, and tuck your shirt in correctly… Big, ugly, bastards like me depend on you "cute" little shits to keep the uniform sexy

  • 808chivette

    #63 MOAR!!

  • Ali

    #3 oh how i wish i was in vegas right now….

  • TheTamara

    #24… gimmegimmegimme
    #67 i'm saying YES to the vest!!
    #69 i looooooove handsome service men❤

    • Cory_Mac

      #24 =))

  • Randee

    Hello #69!!!😉 Very nice!!! I am a sucker for a man in uniform!!!

  • paige

    please find #54 moar!! this girls dream guy! mouthwatering!

  • Frone

    There is something awesome about real photos of real guys. Not that I don't love a shirtless Friday post but this post is GREAT.

    • dkellyb

      I know exactly what you mean😀

  • Sophie

    #24 made me catch my breath! What, a, stunner.

    • Cory_Mac


      • Kseniya

        you are absolutely gorgeous

        • Cory_Mac

          thank you!! make sure you ask for moar haha I sent in a bunch of pictures but i've only seen like 3 on here =/

  • Keisha

    #70 #66 all three find them!

  • @GamerKitty84

    #30 he looks like I like em' to look ;D ❤

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