• temujin1234
  • Abbey

    #14 You look fab:)

  • nicole


  • SCiD

    #10 You go gurl!!!

  • OHChivette

    #16 Yummy! #14 You look great! Keep it up!

  • socalmarti

    #10 and #14 Awesome!!!!!😀

  • BobbyKong


    That's something you have to get over right away. People who are truly interested in fitness and embrace it as a lifestyle, will never look down on somebody just starting out. They tend to encourage, not shame. If they are judgmental then it's really them who are the wannabes. Everybody starts somewhere.

  • Donna

    #14…..awesome! i'm struggling, I eat healthy and workout but keep gaining weight and having tighter clothes gr http://shechive.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/daily

    • Sarah

      UGH! Me too!! I eat healthy, work out every day, don't snack, drink water, and I just keep gaining weight. I just don't know what to do. =(

      • googleberry

        You know…I had the same problem. I went to my wonderfully obese doctor and he said "Who eats?" laying the blame on me. I haven't forgotten that.

        My real problem was that I had diabetes AND a microscopic metabolism. Even with the exercise speeding it up, it was still slow. It still takes me a lot longer to lose weight than everyone else. Go to your doctor and see if there may be an underlying medical reason for it. Could be a thyroid condition…you just never know.

        Good luck! Been there…. 😀

      • googleberry

        oh yeah, be sure that "eating healthy" is still within calorie limits… fruit has a lot of sugar and calories. Keep a log if you're not doing it already. Read labels and weigh your food, use measuring cups and spoons to see how much is in a serving. That may be it, too. Most of losing weight is diet. Plus if you're working out, you may be GAINING muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat.

        sorry.. forgive the running on… 😀

  • Maria

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  • FruitFail

    #13 You see healthy, I see lazy. Fruit already comes in its own packaging. Learn to use a knife already.

    • Leash

      some people are very busy so its nice to have a healthy option to just grab and go when you dont have time or you forgot or your just running late.

    • googleberry

      I have fibro. so many things I can't do now and chopping is one of them.

  • surlymermaid

    I never thought I'd actually see someone bitching about fruit.

  • brainsock

    #16 MORE!!! /swoons /faints

  • Caitlin

    #14 dang girl! lookin' good! that is some serious motivation!

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