• edg

    Awesome! Always need more motivation on a Monday!!

  • chelsea_dagger

    Bonus motivation! That's the most excited I've ever been at a mystery miscellaneous! Thanks, Berry!!❤

  • temujin1234
  • Maria

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  • katie

    Okay, okay, I get the point! I am going to put on my running shoes then clean until hubs gets home. Then we will both go for a run.

  • Frone

    #4 I need this poster on my wall.

  • doerteee

    still want #16 so bad.

  • Sarah

    I can always use more motivation, especially on a Monday! Thank you!!

  • hpuem

    What is she using in #10
    Looks difficult and AWESOME

    • cris

      I think they are just called sliders. If you have a slippery floor (hardwood, tile), you can always just use a hand towel or face towel… works great!!

      • Theresia

        Or the furniture slides.. you can get at walmart… way cheaper!

  • socalmarti

    #10 googleberry do your thing pretty please?!!!?

    • googleberry

      hi socalmarti! i'm "on a break" right now…but I'll see what I can do for ya…😀

    • googleberry

      It looks like the ones she is using are called "Slide N Glide" discs, but the kit is pricey with the dvds and everything. I can't find them sold individually. She's doing the exercise "mountain climbers" if you didn't already know.

      Here is a kit that has some sliding discs in it. $26.99.

      A different set that looks like furniture gliders. Valslide $29.89.

      Here are purple ones that do the same thing. $14.95. select from ones for hardwood floors or carpeted flooring.

      • socalmarti

        Thank You! I went for the Slide n Glide!!!!

        • googleberry

          ahhh..and I didn't provide a link for that…. but GREAT! You'll use muscles you didn't know you had! 😀

  • Theresia

    googleberry, you are awesome!

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