Afternoon eye candy: HMOTB of the Week: Austin Sanderson (44 photos)


Berries! Get. Pumped. Up. Another hottie came by our office for an official HMOTB photo shoot. We loved having Austin around. His killer smile is trumped only by his southern charm. As always, I'll let him take it from here:

Hey everyone, my name is Austin Sanderson and I’ve been in LA for about two months now, and i’ll probably never leave. I was born and raised in a small town in Alabama called Millbrook. Before coming out here I was about to move to Auburn, AL for nursing school but I signed with a modeling agency called Red Models in Birmingham and they sent me out here to LA. I came out for a week and met with a few agencies after talking it over i decided to go with Vision Los Angeles. A week later I was on a flight to California! I applied for a nursing program out here, so hopefully that works out, after finishing school I would like to work at a children’s hospital because kids are easy to work with, and they keep things interesting.
I’m always relaxed, i never stress over anything. That’s probably why i’m late half the time but it works out. I never tried hummus until I was at the berry office, I don’t really remember how it tastes so i don’t think i liked it? Coming from the south, I’m obsessed with football, I watch it every weekend! I’m an Auburn fan but I’ll go for anyone in the SEC because they’re the best of course. Crossfit is my jam!! I would never say that but they told me to, but I do enjoy it for real haa. I’ve been crossfitting for about two years now, If you’ve never tried it you should soon. I also love to cook, I cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Steak is probably my favorite food but chicken isn’t far behind.
BerryLove, Austin

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  • jmf10

    #21 and #41 Ohhh… My…. God.

  • Sarah

    #44 is a great picture.

  • Jen

    the photo shoot was adorable and a little awkward. but he is so sexy. mmmm

  • Laura

    His expression in #13 and #20 made me LOL. He is sooo gorgeous, though. Come to Texas??

  • LoBugg

    #21 oh my oh my.

  • Leigh

    #24 ps – I think i need to be rescued as well ;)

  • ssoph

    #24 is awesome! and i love mac :D

  • brainsock

    #20 lol mac, you're awesome.

  • Kseniya

    wow. i am in love

  • rocklesson86

    I so want him to be my nurse.

  • Tx State Chivette

    #10 What a gorgeous smile! :)

    And #15 Oh, Mac.

  • nayala

    oh my jesus. he's to die for.

  • nik

    Wow they can grow them well in AL! Gorgeous smile! Hope all your dreams come true buddy :)

    FYI My husband is from there too and has been on HMOTB twice. ;)

  • Heather Lynn

    You ladies have the best.job.ever. Hes too sexy

  • Bee

    That is one gorgeous man.

  • TOTALdick

    i graduated with him, he's dreamy as hell but a total DICK

  • Sophia

    Looked like a tough work day! haha

  • ADH

    LOL that looked like a way awkward shoot… AND I LOVED IT! How do I work for you guys? haha… no seriously.


  • dollybakerton

    what a freakin babe!

    as well as #35

  • SAMI

    OH MY, YUM ;))

  • karen

    Two big thumbs up!!

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