• temujin1234
  • Alexis

    #17 that Cpl should know better! He needs to put his cover back on

    • Ashley

      its a photo… really??? not that serious. i'm sure she didn't wear it all night as if he didn't want to be out of uniform… also, if you wanna try to state that hes outta uniform the regs say you are not suppose to show affection while in uniform but everyone does that, we're human, calm down killer.

      • Alexis

        Wow…sounds like you're the one that needs to calm down lol. Lighten up

  • Chivette42

    So many awesomely different couples.❤

  • April86

    Oh #22 not always a wise rule to follow. Passion is great but respect is better.

    • TheTamara

      the whole point is to never settle for just meh. the list of things that we should focus on to be in love is endless, but why would we ever want to settle for something as amazing as love a that's just ok?

      • Lisa the Viking

        Spoken like a true cheater. Always looking for someone better, and ready to break a heart in a moments notice. You should probably grow a conscience and get checked for V.D.

        • TheTamara

          i've never cheated, thank you.

          it's actually called "not falling in love and marrying the first person that gives you the time of day and then get divorced when you found out that you actually have nothing in common and really hate each other"

          jebus christmas…a LOT of bitter people around today.

          • Ms. Ermergerd

            You are right. Keep giving BJ's to everyone until Mr. Right comes along. Brag about it on the internet if you can so u can fill the void where most people house a soul. Sound advice.

            • Miss Oh My Goodness.

              ^ Sounds like someone doesn't enjoy giving bjs….(without the apostrophe, darling). Also, you were the first person to mention the sexy stuff, soo….

              I think TheTamara is fine, and seems like she knows what she wants. Which is great.

              Be safe, be happy, be healthy and be respectful.

              • John Jr.

                Actually, Ms. Ermergerd is referring to TheTamara bragging about giving blow jobs in another post….. (She also used an apostrophe) She (The Tamara) brought it up first. They both are classless and should be ignored, and it is probably just Tamara double posting and arguing with herself for attention.

  • Eric the Half-a-Bee

    The adventures of Ginger and the Whale!!

    • Drippy Dick

      haha. It's funny cause she is so gross. I bet she smells like a dirty sock made of burnt hair that is wrapped in bacon.

      • Sarah K.

        You guys are rude and wrong! She can't help how ugly she is, and here you are bashing her when she is couragous enough to post a pic for the world to see. I for one commend her for being strong enough to show her face when she knows how society will react. She is dressed trashy though…..

        • TheTamara

          you're just as bad for saying "she can't help it"! i thought that the berry had a little more class than this Paula-like trolling.

          also, she's in a tank top…how many girls post photos to the chive in FAR less?

          • Ms. Ermergerd

            You are why men beat their wives. Die in a fire.

            • TheTamara

              Doubt it. I give amazing bj's. Quit being bitter.

              • Ms. Ermergerd

                Glad you are keeping with that "little more class than this Paula-like trolling" Your parents must be proud. Unless they are dead. Probably better if they are dead. Save them the embarrassment you undoubtedly cause on a daily basis.

                • TheTamara

                  calling a chick ugly and giving a bj to someone that you're dating and not cheating on…definitely on the same level.

                  carry on.

                  • Billy the Adult

                    HAHAHAHA….. whores arguing on the net is some funny shit!

                  • Jesus


                  • Hollywood22

                    Tacky, tacky, tacky. I'm sure there is an MSN chatroom you can log into and brag about giving "bj's." You brought that up out of nowhere as if you wanted to let the world know you just gave your first beej. Hag.

    • anon

      I have no idea you guys are saying that she is beautiful

  • Walt Harper's Ghost

    That guys should wise up and leave her!

  • Laurel Bretz

    They rook reary happy!

    • Drippy Dick

      HAHA… call someone ugly and the berry jumps all over you, bust bust out blatant racism and it is all thumbs up! Stay Classy, ladies!

  • spoof'smomma

    #16 MN love

  • skyfireCO

    #19 that dress is stunning!

  • leamonman

    love is on the air!<img src="http://tinyurl.com/c7gx5zk&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • Wisconsinette

    #11 La Crosse?

  • loo

    What is going on with the comments here?
    I expect the sexist, racist and degrading comments over at the chive, but not here.
    Yes, you're entitled to your opinion, but if it's nasty, just for the sake of being nasty keep it to yourself.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    #22 lesson learnt the hard way.

  • Cassie

    #10. LOVE. It's adorable

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