• temujin1234
  • judy

    #3 – one of the best things to do

    • Pat

      I love it with a bit of honey, too. Or Nutella, depending on the day…

      • projectskinnyjeans2012

        You had me at nutella lol

  • socalmarti

    #12 Am I done yet?!!?

  • Emily

    what are all the ingredients in #15?

    • Karl

      looks like spinach, kale, apple, banana and possibly OJ or some other kind of juice

    • Gaaah.

      1/2c spinach, 1/2 apple, 1/2 banana, 1/2c kale, 6 egg yolks.
      I just made this and I don't think that the egg yolks are a good idea. In the future, I would make it with juice or yogurt. My stomach hurts. KCCO.

  • Sarah

    #12 – Lol, true story.

  • Frone

    #14 amazing shape.

  • Jen

    went hiking for my first time ever this past weekend. did about 7 miles in 2 hours. i freaking loved it! there was something so peaceful about being out in the woods. something that i didnt quite understand till i did it:) cant wait to go again and take my son!:)

  • Direthol

    # 9
    is nesses even a word?
    weaknesses – weak = nesses
    you are so nesses. sounds kinda stupid😀

    i was never counting to 100 faster, ever!

    • Direthol

      ment #9

  • Andrew

    Crazy seeing my tweet on here. Thanks Berries, this made my day.

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  • doerteee

    #12 is so me. xD

  • hbomb12

    #3 true dat!
    #13 those aren't real pushups unless your chest hits the deck!
    #14 Stacy Tovar is one of my many crossfit girl crushes!!

  • Gardner3

    #14 Looks like all that running has done significant knee damage already!

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