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Berries! A Chiver named Wil reached out to me about his wife, Katie. Their story is unbelievably touching and sad but motivating. He wondered if we could share their story to raise awareness…

I have been a loyal chiver for a while now, and enjoy checking out the website daily. I got my wife hooked on The Berry too. I wanted to take a minute to share our story.

I had to take my wife to the ER on 8/20/12 with what we thought was appendicitis. Next thing you know, we have seen a different doctor for a week straight and she had major abdominal surgery on 8/28/12 and was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. They did a full hysterectomy, removed her appendix, and part of her bowels. 41 staples and 8 days and nights in the hospital later, we got her home and just celebrated (as much as we could) her 26th birthday yesterday. We've had 2-3 appointments everyday and just had her portacath placed today for 18 weeks minimum of chemo starting today. We have a long road ahead of us, but she is a fighter and is going to beat this thing. All cancer sucks, but it really sucks when your 26 year old wife has what they called old woman's ovarian cancer.

We have a lot of support, but one of the things we are trying to do is raise money for ovarian cancer awareness. Even though it may not have helped my wife, it may help other women in the future. My wife, Katie, never had any symptoms, and out of no where, she is fighting for her life. That is why this fundraiser is focusing on awareness and early detection. There is a 5k race/1 mile run near where we live called Athena's Run for GYN Cancers on Oct. 6th. We came up with a team name of Katie's Tumornators. I will be pushing Katie in a wheelchair for the 1 mile walk.

Also, September is ovarian cancer awareness month and is represented by a teal ribbon (just like the pink ones for breast cancer). She dyed her hair teal before her first chemo because it is going to fall out soon anyways. I attached a pictures before during and after the dying, some during chemo, and a couple of us before our world got turned upside down less than a month ago. Thanks again for your help. It helps both of us to deal with this terrible situation by trying to make some good out of it, like raise money for early detection that might help someone else down the road to avoid what we are going through now.

Thanks for your time.

Berries, here is where you come in. If you have a moment and a few spare dollars, CLICK HERE TO DONATE in support of her.


  • Monroe

    Dear Katie & Wil,

    I'm praying you have a quick recovery. I have to tell you reading the first sentence gave me a chill…On September 11th, 7 days after my own birthday my husband also rushed me to the ER where they believed my appendix had burst, luckily that wasn't the case (we are still doing tests for colon disease), anyways enough about me. Katie you are such an inspiration, unlike you…I was a wreck, kinda makes me feel very silly seeing what you have gone through and that beautiful smile you have on your face hooked up to all those machines. Lots of love, Toronto.

  • Beckee

    Oh wow, what a heart wrenching story. My thoughts and prayers go to the beautiful couple. Unfortunately I am able to donate at the time, which makes me feel bad.
    Keep smiling your beautiful smiles and know all of us Berries and Chivers are sending our love.

  • Kristen

    Praying for you! I hope you get well soon and kick cancers butt!

  • http://www.modifieddolls.org Crystal

    Love the teal hair & the smile on your face. Cancer shattered my world one year ago & I've become an avid supporter of cancer research & support. Kick that cancers ass girl. You have the 2 most important things: a great spirit & support. You have your family, your obviously amazing husband & an entire community of Berries pulling for you.

  • Wallybets

    You are beautiful! Cancer can't take that, it shines through. Huge amounts of support wafting across the ocean to you and both. x

  • Erin

    Stay strong and fight hard, girl!

    Awareness note: Think twice before running out to get ovarian cancer screenings. Recent findings say they have little or no benefit. Instead, don't ignore common symptoms like persistent bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, feeling full early while eating and needing to urinate frequently.

  • Tasha

    My mother was diagnosed with stage two ovarian cancer this july. Be strong darling!!!

  • Krissy

    Kick that cancer's ass!! KCCO from NY

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