Afternoon eye candy: Anonymous Chiver! (12 photos)


Well, the super cute military uncle in the vid contacted us.

'Hi BERRY! I wanted to thank you for posting the video of me and my nephew. I saw some very nice comments about finding more pictures, or me in general, and even though I don't exactly want to put my full name out there I do have some pics I could send your way if you want. Just let me know! Thanks!'

I let him know that YES we needed MOAR pics. He sent a few and they deserve to be shared with the BERRY community…

Just for fun, here’s Part 2:
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  • Castiel

    #11 is so cute!

  • Sue

    Dear Anonymous chiver, here's a trash can and PLEASE throw your glasses in:
    I know they are trendy, but not for you.

  • blondebullsfan13

    You're an amazing uncle & super hot!! Thanks for your service! Your nephew should be extremely proud of you! And #6 is an amazing photo! Seriously!

  • Bobby

    Douchebag tool!

  • jazzberry

    that's a whole lotta some awesomeness chiver…. chive on

  • Sarah Ritchie


  • Bendig

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  • nippy


  • rocklesson86

    You are one sexy nerd.

  • Sara

    I'm digging the Clark Kent vibe that I get from these pictures, and the fact that he's a super uncle. Kudos to this guy!

  • Theresa

    Good lord this man is adorable and hot as hell <3

  • @krisgiss

    #5 Those arms! Wow… What a hottie!

  • allielawler

    #9. Excuse me while I retrieve my panties from the floor.

  • Audrey

    you must inject in me! hahah :D dear lord you are FY YI YIINNE

  • Rach

    This guy is super hot!

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