• katy

    #16 looks exactly like him. that's one incredible tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • temujin1234
  • Kate

    #16 one of the best tattoos I have ever seen in my life.

  • Samantha

    agreed. #16 is incredible!!!!

  • leamonman

    #8 oh no…<img src="http://tinyurl.com/c7gx5zk&quot; width="1" height="1" />

  • Joanna

    I am all about the movie tattoo love, I have a Clockwork Orange tattoo myself. #30 made me giggle

  • socalmarti

    I'm sorry but this terrifies me!

  • Lauren

    most of these are actually pretty awesome!! I want a Stitch tattoo :3 he is just too cute!!!

  • April C

    Most of those were very impressive.

  • BerryBZ

    I might be nerdy to like #9 and #17

    Is #22 beetle juice?

  • Beckee

    I've been wanting one like that for so long. Love it!

  • Werd

    These are really well done!

  • Furdurp

    I love tats. Have 12 myself, I just don't get this. I will say the work is beautiful. And #9 cracked me up.

  • sara

    i understand that there are really well done art but why would you want that on you body forever i just don't understand!

  • Gurch

    #20 is hilarious

  • http://twitter.com/RubyRooRemix @RubyRooRemix

    #19 Why would you do this to yourself?!

  • Dafuq

    Wow some are crazy ideas but they are all so well done. Awesome tattoos!

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  • Katie

    Most of these are really good

  • Krissy

    These look pretty amazing, although… oh the regrets!

  • Katie

    They're all awesome. but #16 is absolutely amazing! It looks sooooo real!

  • Bourhan

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