• dreagee

    #21 they got married on my birthday:) #27 i love that movie! #29 is probably my favorite moment ever! it makes me want to keep pushing! also i really enjoy #34:)

  • Polly

    #21 is the best picture! love that you guys look amazing! congratulations & God bless.

  • Sarah

    #26 – Every time.

  • Hollygoyle

    #40 I know he's wearing fingerless gloves, but it looks like he's holding a silicone implant in his hand.

  • Hummus

    #9 Every friday night at the bar. Yup.

  • doerteee

    #40 oh hello

  • ladypandapookie

    #21 Looks like Marilyn Monroe from the side. Awesome picture and congrats! I've been married just over a year and never plan on looking back! Best thing i've ever done! Congrats!

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