• skyfireCO

    I'm sorry, I suffer from rage black-outs

  • fakejewproblems

    OMG I miss the O.C. SO MUCH! I really loved that show and still re-watch it all the time.

  • temujin1234
  • Lauren

    Now i will have to watch them all over again:) I've always loved Sethela and Captain Oats!

  • hazel

    i am in love with adam bordy still, hes so adorable

  • Guest

    YES! THANK YOU!!šŸ˜€

  • katy

    i'm confused by #22????????

    • Nadley

      Captain Oaks and Princess Sparkle!! Doy!

  • jaded little star

    LOVE! The OC and pad thai from Noodles & Co got me through some serious unhappy times.

    Best Mystery misc! =)

  • lovie

    #22….. da fak??

    • THEOC

      Princess Sparkle and Captain Oats:)

  • shelby

    This just made my day!! THANK YOU =)

  • tabbilynn

    This show was the first show I ever bought the complete series for!! I remember watching the season finale with Marissa died on my grad night before going to disney land!! All of my roommates thought I was insane for making them leave me alone for an hr!! I Miss this show so much!!

  • doerteee

    I will forever be in love with Seth Cohen.

  • Orl

    I wish I was a Cohen, except then there'd be an awkward incesty vibe cos Iā¤ Seth Cohen! And Sethummer!šŸ˜¦ Love the O.C., but I stopped watching after the end of season 3.

    The dialogue and Seth's witticisms and Sandford "Only Caleb calls me that, cos he won't not."

    I'm of to re-watch this, immediately, if not sooner!

    • Orl

      *off to re-watch

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