• Sushi

    Don't the jaggedy sides on pins go against the scalp?? These are cute and unique nonetheless

    • Mari

      No, it is actually the flat side that goes against the scalp

    • Haley

      Yes, the jagged sides go against your scalp. Holds your hair in place better.

      • Sushi

        That's what I thought! the flat side pushes the hair down better thats why it goes on the outside

    • Typ

      Ooooooh! I have learnt something new today! Shows how rubbish is am at all this beauty stuff. Thanks!

  • temujin1234
  • Elle

    ADORABLE! #12

  • Sarah

    I buy a lot of stuff on ModCloth, and in every order, they send a little something extra. Sometimes they're buttons or hair ribbons, but the one time they were decorative hair pins. The design is on the bumpy side. I asked my friend why that was, because how was I supposed to use them if they were upside down? She informed me that the flat side is what goes against your head… and I think all of the designs on the bumpy side prove this theory. Pure chaos.

    • Sarah

      Double post, boo.

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