Recognize this smiling hottie? He's outdoorsy, loves children and happens to be able to grow a pretty kick A** beard. As always, I'll let him take it from here...


First of all, I'd like to say that I'm outrageously flattered that you and the Berries picked me to be the HMOTB. I'm recently single and it's been quite a confidence booster!

I'm 25, 6'2'' and 240 pounds. Right now, due to a fantasy football bet with my brother, about 5 pounds of that is beard weight. I'm a recent graduate of Michigan State University. I have a degree in Human Biology and a degree in Nutritional Sciences and I also wrestled for MSU. I am currently interviewing at Physician Assistant schools. I work as a research assistant at MSU for an intervention study working with 5th graders in low-income areas at-risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

I'm extremely passionate about children's nutrition. Last year I went to Tanzania to help do nutritional assessments of children in rural areas. This past month I went to the Dominican Republic and did the same but I also stayed in an orphange with 12 kids who were severely malnourished. It was awesome! I love kids! Ideally I'd like to go to the University of Colorado - Denver for PA school because they specialize in children's health. When I'm done with school I'd like to work in childhood obesity clinics in the US while travelling and working with the severely malnourished in Africa. Right now I'm saving my pennies to go to Rwanda in Febuary to work with children who are malnourished because their parents were affected by the genocide.

I love traveling. I love hiking, that's easily one of my favorite things to do. I recently took up longboarding, but I'm not as gnarly as I'd like to be. I don't always eat shit on it, but when I do, there is ALWAYS somebody there to see it. I also love working out.

I have a twitter account, it's protected right now because of PA school applications, but I approve everyone who requests to follow me so I suppose it doesn't matter much. It's: @odonn103. I tweet at an annoying rate, so you won't be disappointed.

Again, thanks so much, love the site, love everything you guys do, it's a constant source of entertainment.


Alan's Twitter machine: @odonn103