You’re just somebody that I used to know (25 photos)


Click HERE if you still don’t feel better…

  • Ruth

    Berry thank you for this post it brough a smile into my face. It has been almost 3 months since my ex decided to break up with me after six years together. It is still hard sometimes to get up and out of bed but I try my best. Each one of these says says how I feel and I have them as a reminder that he is not the only man outhere for me and most of all that I can be better with or without him. # 18 is the best he will miss me. So thanks again for these little post that make a girl smile and motive us in many ways to keep our heads up, wipe the tears away and that there is something better out there I the world!!!

  • ParanoidAndroid

    #3 This is exactly what I am like!
    #10 Tom Hardy is just absolutely perfect.

  • Benita

    Omg i love this

  • Nina

    #4 this makes me sad, the whole relationship was pretty much fake

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