• LaurenGoMeow

    Michael Schoeffling!!! He should so be on here.. he's Jake Ryan from Pretty In Pink… drooling

  • Kate

    No Zack Morris?!

  • Allie

    #37 (from step by step) was so hot for a wife beater

  • Kate

    Guilty of loving #37, #33, and #24… *sigh*

  • Courtney

    #16 So hot!:)

  • lisa

    Who's 21?? I can't remember!

    • jassy

      edward furlong from terminator 2 judgment day also pecker and american history x

  • Elise

    What about Devon Sawa? Lol

  • fambo_five

    Oh God………. SO MANY NERDS

  • RedNinja

    #28 Ahhhh!! I never missed one episode of "The Adventures of Beans Baxter" LOVED Jonathan Ward!!! I wonder if he's still hot….?

  • Ashley

    No JTT? Or Devon Sawa? C'monnnn.

  • Ivonne Puga

    I had an unbelievable crush on Austin St. John, I used to dream that we got married

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    Corey Haim….where is he?😥

  • Alyssa

    What about the Lawrence brothers? Oh and we cant forget Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez…. lol all these pictures bring back so many memories.

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