• nessipoo

    If the movie you went to see was actually The Avengers, and it was my wedding you had missed … I would completely understand #3 … Chris Evans is hard to pass up!

    • ale

      It´s hard to choose friendship over that gorgueos Thor… but, I wouldn´t do it, anyway.

    • VCB

      I would skip my own wedding for Jeremy Renner.😀

  • temujin1234
  • viihenos

    # 1 I have a friend who should be doing this but in my opinion cares way too much about what other people think i love her to death and it kills me to see her so unhappy.. what should i do as a friend?

    • viihenos


    • fgbsgb

      Be there and be supportive!! It may take a little extra effort and feel exhausting for you but constantly remind them of what makes their lives awesome!!! Try you best, and don't let it get you down! If you become worried about them and feel like their unhappiness is becoming dangerous…. look to others for support. Good luck! Everyone needs a friend like you

  • Phoebe

    #12 Is so sad

    • Melanie

      I agree. That one made me tear up a little.

  • https://twitter.com/DanaShades Dana Littlerose

    No one should feel embarrassed by their fantasies. Forget 50 Shades, it was bad, but it you can, google. S/M, punishing, even violence ad rape are very common fantasies and have lot of supporters online. Just remember that they are fantasies and have nothing to do with reality.

    • ddd

      Also, if it's so "preverted" then there are a lot of perverts out there.

    • zillyzallie

      Ugh, this is EXACTLY what is wrong with this awful book. It's ok to consume it and enjoy it so long as you publicly agree that it is GROSS AND WRONG AND PERVERTED. Effing pseudo Victorian horseshit. You're fine! Your fantasies are fine! There are entire communities centered around your fantasies. Read DAN SAVAGE and learn to love your sexual desires.

      • Ari

        I agree. To each their own; as long as both people are adults and consenting. And if people think it's perverted, well, then don't tell them. People don't need to know details of what goes on behind your bedroom door.

    • carm

      YES!!! BDSM is a thing.. and um who cares if it's pervy?! It's awesome! As long as what your doing with a partner (or hey.. partners) is safe, sane and consensual, then it's fine. Just learn the ropes (hehe get it?) and you'll be fine. There are looooooots of websites that have information about BDSM.

    • JESSE

      please tell me about your fantasies.

      – a man.

      • DRD

        That's really the point. Sex is about two people becoming one, so if you don't communicate, you're missing out.

        Also, just because it sounds or looks exciting, doesn't mean it lives up to the hype. If you try it, you may find you don't like it, but if you are open & communicate with your partner, you may be surprised at all the other things you discover.

  • Sade

    #10 Heartbreaking😦

    • Melanie

      By far the one that broke my heart reading it. I don't know what came between them but I wish the best for them. Life's too short to be going through that

  • machiavelli

    It's a nice thought #7 but as someone who has family abroad I can tell you people have the same daily troubles and concerns as us. And in Paris your main problem would be money. At least the scenery would be better though:)

    • DRD

      An old man sat outside a city, and a traveler walked up. "I'm looking to move to a new place," he said. "Can you tell me what I'll find in this city?"
      "Tell me about where you came from," the old man replied.
      "It was a terrible place. There was crime and poverty. Corruption. People only looking out for themselves."
      "You'd best be on your way, because that's exactly what you'll find here."

      Another traveler approached and asked the old man: "I'm looking to move to a new place. Can you tell me what I'll find in this city?"
      "Tell me about where you came from," the old man again replied.
      "It was a wonderful place. Good neighbors who care about each other. Lots of parks and beautiful places and opportunities for work."
      "Welcome. That's exactly what you'll find here."

      It is amazing how what you look for, you find. The difference between a good place and a bad one is your state of mind.

      • xoxo

        Ooh that's a good answer. Like the saying "wherever you go, there you are". Your problems are you, they'll go with you but they'll just be in a different country.

  • socalmarti

    #2 I KNEW it!!!!!!!

  • surlymermaid

    #9 Fantasies are great. Exploring your sexuality and being open to new experiences is awesome! Having a partner who is willing to join in a bit of "play" is the best! Perverted? Maybe, but who cares if it makes you feel happier?! That book series IMO, however, is poorly written garbage and it drives me nuts.

  • Tiffany B.

    #9 – Unfortunately, I think (now this is just what I've observed from interviews the author has actually given) the "perv" stigma is EXACTLY what the author was trying to eliminate. Why is okay for men to consume so much porn, but the moment a women opens up about sexuality, she is spewed dogma that she is slutty, pervasive, and promiscuous. I really pray that the author of this secret finds some support, so that she (again, assumption) knows that ITS OKAY! Or, at the very least find a partner that she trusts enough to open up. Finding joy in our sexuality is finding freedom in ourselves. Sexuality is a part of each of us, big, small, black, white, purple, furry, whatever. Hopefully, they will find the courage to actually BE the person they are, because pretending to be something you're not is an awful life to live.

    • DRD

      Maybe it shouldn't be 'okay' for men to consume so much porn?

  • Raya Poppy

    #7 sorry to say that Berries, I know how much you love Paris, but I didn't like it. I was there for 11 days, saw every museum possible, enjoyed every cultural treasure, but didn't feel quite comfortable… there's something cold about French attitude, acting superior or something… it made me feel like an outsider. Or it's just me, used to warmth, hospitality and easy-going attitude, wherever I travel.

    • xoxo

      I personally didnt care for Paris. London I loved loved loved. Paris, I've been twice, I don't need to go again.

  • Jess

    #6 made me laugh

  • Linzee

    #11 Good for you! You are much stronger than most

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